On 'SNL,' Billy Crystal Joins Weekend Update, And Now We Finally Know Who Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy's Dad Is

I don't know where this came from, or why it came about, but I am thanking the SNL gods that Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy finally brought his dad to Weekend Update. Don't get me wrong, I love Billy Crystal, but this SNL cameo was so unexpected, and put such a famous face to a name, that it's just a lot to take in. On Saturday, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy stopped by SNL to talk about Passover, but to add a little extra oomph to celebrate the holiday, Jacob brought his father on the show, and he was played by the one and only Billy Crystal.

Now, Billy Crystal is stepping into some really big shoes — HA! Because he's a podiatrist! — on Weekend Update. He's been the podiatrist to the stars — well, at least Seth Meyers and Michael Che, but not a bad clientele. He's also raised a never-aging young man, Jacob, who — as we learned on Saturday — gets his awkward charm from his father. The father and son duo share the same smile, the same knack for timing uncomfortable silences, and the same love of Derek Jeter. Don't we all, Jacob.

Crystal, who is currently starring in The Comedians with Josh Gad on FX, was a cast member on SNL in the mid-eighties. While on the show, Crystal created a quite famous catchphrase for his impression of Fernando Lamas in the Fernando's Hideaway talk show sketch. In 1985, Crystal started the "You look... mahvelous" catchphrase (which you might be saying without even knowing the origin), and on Saturday, Crystal gave viewers a little ode to that during his cameo. Although it seemed like he was going to say his famous saying for a second, Crystal only teased us by telling Jacob "You look... mar—ginally bigger than you did before." And that is a taunt to the audience and a lie to his son. Jacob hasn't aged or grown since his first appearance on the show in 2011. But don't quote me on that.

Billy Crystal, I don't care if you lie to your fake son, stare at Michael Che with confusion, or tease us viewers with everything but your famous catchphrase... You're welcome back on Weekend Update anytime.

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