2015 MTV Movie Awards’ Most Awkward Moments Include A Few Offensive Jokes & Some Truly Terrible Archery

The MTV Movie Awards has always been the perfect antidote to the stuffy, traditional movie awards shows that dot our yearly television calendar. Why watch very, very rich celebrities politely smile when they lose to other very, very rich celebrities at the Oscars or the Independent Spirit Awards when you can watch the very same celebrities get a golden popcorn statue and have plenty of awkward moments at the MTV Movie Awards? Fitting with the “anything goes” mentality of the MTV Video Music Awards, the first MTV Movie Awards aired in 1992, and the Lifetime Achievement Award went to Friday The 13th villain Jason Voorhees.

And that’s what we’ve come to expect from MTV’s award shows. Even though the network has abandoned their bread-and-butter videos, they still deliver on the tongue-in-cheek, irreverent, and crazy. The epic musical numbers (past performances include Rihanna, Whitney Houston, TLC, and more) are also nothing to sneeze at. Sunday night's show, hosted by wildchild comedian Amy Schumer, was no different. Plenty of weird stuff happened, from some racist jokes by Schumer to a weirdly tone-deaf speech from the Magic Mike XXL guys. I’ve rounded up all the craziest reactions and awkward moments from this year’s MTV Movie Awards to give you a perfect snippet of the ceremonies.

Amy Schumer Made A Joke Comparing Latina Women To Gone Girl's Amazing Amy & J. Lo Hated It

A Joke About Shooting Jimmy Kimmel In The Chest With An Arrow Fell Totally Flat

The Cast of Magic Mike XXL Twerked After Telling Sexist Jokes

There Was An Extended Masturbation-At-The-Movies Sequence

Vin Diesel Gave The Audience An Impromptu Serenade

The Audience Cheered When Former Addict RDJ Said He "Partied Too Hard"

Cara Delevingne's Ghost Hand Attacked An Usher

Zac Efron & Dave Franco Dressed Up In Costume & Grabbed Each Other's Private Parts

Charli XCX Channeled A Scary Josie & The Pussycats During Her Performance

Leave it to MTV and Amy Schumer to provide such a weird ceremony. Can't wait to see what happens next year.

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