7 Reasons 'Once Upon A Time's Emma Swan Is The Savior We All Need

If there's one thing that can be said for the fictional town of Storybrooke, it's that residents had better be pretty glad Emma Swan came along. Sure, she only recently strolled in from New York City, many years after our favorite fairy tale characters fell prey to Regina's evil curse, but hey — everything happens for a reason. And while Once Upon A Time 's Emma Swan is a bit reluctant to accept her true history and life calling (that's putting it lightly), she eventually comes to terms with being the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, the product of true love, and the savior Storybrooke needs.

Now that Emma is feeling her intended role, she's started to develop her magical powers and has used them on several occasions to defeat some baddies — though she rarely works alone. While it has also been claimed that she has the potential for great darkness, thus far, Emma has clung tightly to the light, as well as to her son Henry, her parents and most recently, her new-found love with Killian and her friendship with Regina, who's turned from her evil ways and is steadily moving towards Emma's light.

Here are 7 reasons Emma is the savior we all need — and the best woman for the job.

She's not afraid of anything

One thing Emma has always been is brave. Nothing really seems to phase her — at least not the things that would scare most people. If you want to fight, she'll give you one, and she won't back away from the scary stuff. Unless, of course, it's to do with love...

And when she is afraid, she pushes fear aside and goes for it

Killian was after Emma for ages, but since she'd been burned a few times by love, she wasn't ready to give in that easily. However, her feelings for Hook got the better of her and in the end, she just had to go for it — much to the delight of viewers, obvs.

She believes in redemption

Most people would find it hard to believe that Regina — a woman so evil she could kill her own father, send her mother through a magic mirror, and cast a curse on an entire kingdom that would transport them to an alternate world with no memory of their former lives — could change. Not Emma. She gave Regina a second chance, and it was exactly the chance Regina needed.

She knows the power of forgiveness

After finding out that Snow White and Prince Charming sent her through a portal in a tree to this world, Emma understandably felt abandoned and wondered how much her parents actually loved her. However, over time she came to forgive them and understand the reasoning behind their decision, and their relationship is better than ever.

She always tries to do the right thing

Being the savior doesn't mean everything comes easy. In fact, sometimes it makes things that much harder. While it can be tempting to take the easy way out — to use her powers to get her way — Emma always bravely tries to do what's best for everyone and hurts the least amount of people.

She loves fiercely and knows the meaning of loyalty

While she may not have been able to be there for the first years of Henry's life, being reunited with her son changed Emma's world and who she is as a person, and now he's the most important thing there is. She'll stop at nothing to protect him and others she loves, no matter what it takes.

She's smart and won't fall for B.S.

Don't bother trying to fool Emma Swan, because she's not buying it. No matter what tricks people try to play on her, Emma is always one step ahead and will always work to expose the truth.

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