Dylan O'Brien Wins Big At The MTV Movie Awards, So What Categories Did He Snatch Up?

The MTV Movie Awards are a strange place where we get to see plenty of things that we would never see at a normal award show, like categories that include Best Shirtless Performance and Best WTF Moment, for instance. One thing you'll also never see at another award show? The actors nominated for Breakthrough Performance all listed together. So, who won? Dylan O'Brien took home the MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance for his role in The Maze Runner. And thus concludes the last time we'll ever see David Oyelowo and Ansel Elgort names near each other.

The actor was nominated up against Ansel Elgort for The Fault in Our Stars, Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl, David Oyelowo for Selma, and Ellar Coltrane for Boyhood.

The award was one of three he won during the night. O'Brien also took home awards for Best Hero and Best Fight, along with costar Will Poulter, both also for The Maze Runner.

Unfortunately, O'Brien wasn't in attendance at the show this year, so we didn't get to see any speeches from him, but he did speak out on Twitter to thank his fans.

Congrats on winning all that fake popcorn you can't eat, Dylan!