'The Originals' Jackson Is Threatened As Alpha, Generally Making Life Worse For Everyone

Alright, I tried to play nice. I've given Jackson a lot of slack since he came on the scene in Season 1. Honestly I even rooted for him (just a little) in the very beginning. I was charmed by all the flannel, I liked that he wasn't a brooding jerk, heck he even played Godot on Bunheads so he was bringing that warm and fuzzy nostalgia. But enough is enough, Jackson is quickly becoming the worst. In The Originals Jackson married Hayley, dumping some seriously cold water on Hilijah fans everywhere. But I don't want you to think my Hilijah love is clouding my judgement here. They got married for a good cause, and maybe I could get behind it if he played his cards right. But now his involvement is not only cutting into Hayley/Elijiah screen time (a serious problem), he is creating a rift between Hayley and Klaus — and worst of all is failing at being the pack Alpha.

I'll be the first to admit that Hayley and Klaus don't exactly have a conventional relationship. With the whole "one night stand creates magic witch/vampire/wolf baby" thing they could give Modern Family a lesson in blending. Through it all, Klaus has grown to trust Hayley and think of her as family. That trust is their biggest asset right now, since Klaus takes paranoia to a new level. With all of the threats looming over Hope — Dahlia being the largest at the moment but I'm sure another more terrifying presence is right around the corner, Hayley and Klaus need to be on their game and in sync protecting Hope. Jackson is getting in the way of that. He's clashing with Klaus (pretty easy to do, but still), avoids Hayley (they could use some more wolf-marriage counseling) and is struggling to be maintain his status as pack Alpha.

It was never going to be a simple task to live and get along with Klaus, but being pack leader was supposed to be Jackson's best asset. Let's be real here, it has not been going that hot. He was basically cajoled into taking a lead as Alpha, and doesn't seem that committed to keeping the role. Hayley is often the one rallying the wolves, and Aiden has already shown better skills as a fighter and commander, making him the perfect tool for Klaus to use to get rid of Jackson. I don't want to have to side with Klaus' evil Machiavellian plans but Jackson is kind of being a (dangerous) wimp and it's not leaving me much choice.

If Jackson can't run the wolf-pack and is constantly distracted trying to keep is Alpha-status, he isn't going to make a very good guard for Hope. If he can't guard Hope, Klaus and Hayley will continue fighting, leaving the compound even more compromised. Basically, Jackson needs to get his head in the game and stop ruining everything, they've got crazy-witches to protect against.

Images: Guy D'Alema/The CW (2)