'The Originals' Hayley Might've Just Given Up On Haylijah, But It's For A Good Cause

Could Hayley really give up on Elijah right now? The Haylijah relationship has been on rocky, unpredictable terrain since The Originals' Season 2 premiere, but I never actually expected it to end. On Monday night's episode, "The Brothers That Care Forgot," Haylijah might have ended on The Originals because Hayley just can't take Elijah's cold shoulder anymore. And, while I understand that Elijah isn't exactly his normal self right now, Hayley's been through enough of his emotional distance by now. Hayley decided to put duty to her new family and her pack ahead of her heart on Monday night and it might've been the ultimate Haylijah kiss of death.

I was worried before The Originals Season 2 even premiered that Haylijah would fall apart. They were so great in Season 1, they were the romantic component of the series, but Julie Plec threw more than their fair share of challenges at them all at once. And, apparently, even though Elijah was so devoted to Hayley, they just couldn't hack it. On Monday night, after seemingly giving Elijah one last chance to embrace her and give their former relationship a second chance, Hayley gave up.

But she had a good reason — well, aside from that fact that Hayley deserves so much better than to be ignored and made to feel like she did something wrong by becoming a hybrid. According to an ancient werewolf myth, when two pack alphas get married, they link their unique powers and can spread them to each other's packs through a special ceremony. Hayley and Jackson are both alphas — they were also betrothed, in case you forgot — and if they marry, Hayley can rid Esther of her biggest group of allies. Right now, Jackson and Hayley's packs are working for Esther in exchange for rings that help them control whether or not they change into wolves at the full moon. But, if Hayley and Jackson marry, they'll assume Hayley's hybrid power of being able to control her changes without magical help.

Therein lies the ultimate weakness in Esther's control of the Quarter. And Hayley decided, again, after giving Elijah one last chance, to go for it. Now, I know what you're thinking — why can't they marry but not have to be husband and wife? Well, that's the catch — Hayley and Jackson must, fully, be husband and wife for the magic to work. So, there are no loopholes that allow Hayley to marry Jackson and still be a part of Haylijah. But, will she actually do it?

It was obvious on Monday night that Hayley's not over Elijah and she's just agreeing to this out of spite and because she thinks it's the best way to help take Esther down. Is she willing to end Haylijah for good, though? I'm not so sure.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW