"Why I'm Not Voting For Hillary" Is Trending

by Keertana Sastry

All over the country, people are waiting on baited breath for Hillary Clinton's official announcement for the presidency, but it's not all for positive reasons. It's obvious that Clinton is not the most popular person in the world, she's had her share of scandals from Benghazi to "Emailgate," and unfortunately even now, being a determined woman for president in itself is a tough pill for many to swallow. What a depressing thought, am I right? But some people have taken their hatred and objection for Clinton to the extreme on social media, and now the hashtag phrase "Why I'm Not Voting For Hillary" is trending nationwide on Twitter. Some Americans are still outraged over the deaths of Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith during the Benghazi debacle, but others are just joining the objection for the strangest, and at times, most ridiculously absurd reasons. And they're not afraid to express these opinions all over the Twitter-sphere.

Listen, it's obvious that Clinton was never going to get full support from the American public. That's downright impossible considering our strong bipartisan values and emotions. But many potential future voters tweeting with the "Why I'm Not Voting For Hillary" hashtag have exceeded the legitimate, sound reasons for objecting to Clinton's potential announcement and eventual run. These are just some of the most confusingly absurd.

Some people would rather vote for their own made-up candidates:

To be fair, if this pairing were possible, I would absolutely consider it. Then there are those who have taken the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Hillary Clinton's relationship with her husband to a whole new level:

Then are those that just make no sense and/or are offensive.

That wildebeest one is just frightening. Then there are those who relate Clinton to the mafia.

Or make her frightening to even the toughest opponents:

And those who believe she has literally no qualifications, which only seems silly to me considering she was Secretary of State, despite how people judge her performance in the position:

Apparently loving America means hating Clinton?

There's whatever this is:

Some people who oppose her just because they don't like certain features about her:

This person whom I genuinely hope is a child, or not an American:

And finally this person totally wins the Internet:

Let's see what other incredibly over-the-top tweets will happen once Clinton's announcement has been made, and her journey for the presidency is in full swing.