Corgi Beach Day Ended With 500 Corgis On Huntington Beach, And It's Cuter Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Sometimes it feels like there are more petitions floating around online than there are misogynistic trolls, but I have an idea for one that literally everyone can get behind. It's time to make every day Corgi Beach Day, people! There's no way anyone could possibly object to that — except maybe people who are allergic to dogs, but they can just take some Zyrtec and deal with it.If you or a loved one need persuading, let me direct you to the results of the ninth annual Corgi Beach Day, which took place in Huntington, CA on April 11. The town may be famous for its nickname of "Surf City," but clearly, its true calling is as a gathering place for corgis. And their owners, too, I guess. I'm far from the only person to draw this conclusion; last year the event drew 300 furry little participants, Mashable reports. This year was even more massive, with more than 500 corgis waddling around the sand and sea. The event trended on Twitter, of course, under the hashtag #SoCalCorgiBeachDay. Corgis of all kinds showed up; Instagram-famous and civilian; costumed and letting it fly free; puppies and the elderly. Because the Internet is a wonderful invention, there's plenty of photographic evidence of how darn adorable it was.

Warning: the following material may make your heart explode with cuteness.

OK, I need to take a breather here — OHMYGOD IT'S DALE CORGI AND LUNA SNOOKUMS.

Ready for more?

Best day ever or best day ever? If that wasn't enough for you to get your corgi fix, check out #CorgiBeachDay on Instagram and #SoCalCorgiBeachDay on Twitter. You won't regret it.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (2)