This Will Make You Want To Grab Coffee With Hillz

In an email to supporters, Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign was announced on Sunday. Hillary Clinton's website also went live, and hosts the much-anticipated video of Hillary Clinton announcing her candidacy. Surprisingly though, Clinton doesn't even make an appearance in the two-minute video until the 1:30 mark. The very top of her site doesn't feature Hillary Clinton's "Getting Started" video, but instead is a photo of Clinton sitting down with constituents for a cup of coffee. I'm into it. Because honestly, who doesn't want to grab a cup of joe with perhaps the very first female president of the United States?

Clinton's video and website strongly features Americans of all different walks of life. It also includes a striking Hillary Clinton quote:

Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.

There are also very clear calls to action on Clinton's campaign website. Hillary 2016 wants you to share the video with friends. They also provide a space to volunteer for Hillary Clinton's campaign and donate. If you click into the "bio" section, you'll be able to read a heartwarming story about Clinton's upbringing and also see an adorable baby photo of Hillary Clinton.

The most controversial part of Clinton's website is actually the logo. As Twitter was quick to point out, the stylized Hillary Clinton campaign logo basically looks like it's pointing you in the direction of the nearest hospital. Or maybe it looks like an "I'm With Stupid" shirt. Okay, it kind of looks like both.

Though the site on day one of her campaign is very minimalist, there is a clear message that Hillary 2016 wishes to convey. Hillary Clinton will be a president who is a champion for all Americans. And she will be featuring all kinds of Americans, and maybe even you, throughout her campaign.