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Would You Survive The Oregon Trail?

By Rosanne Salvatore & Dawn Foster

The Stages Of Thanksgiving We Can All Relate To

Overpaid for a ticket? Overstuffed? These are the stages of Thanksgiving we can all relate to – for better or worse!
By Rosanne Salvatore & Caroline Wurtzel

Cheese, Kylie's Surprise, & More In Today's Huddle

It's Fri-YAY!! Are you at happy hour? Cuddled on your couch? Still at work (like me)? Plotting the next viral meme? Well, it doesn't matter where you are, because here's all the news from today that you *cannot* miss. The world has been graced by the…
By Rosanne Salvatore

What It's Like To Be J. Law's Best Friend

We've all dreamt about what it'd be like to be Jennifer Lawrence's best friend. You've probably envisioned yourself sitting around with the star munching on assorted cheeses, shooting the sh*t about Bradley Cooper, and obviously attending a swanky re…
By Rosanne Salvatore

The One Style Tip You Need For Game Day

There may only be one outfit choice for Dayanara Diaz at Litchfield Penitentiary, but out here in the real world Dascha Polanco is all about personal style — even on game day. Rocking a dark purple lip, a New York Giants tee, and matching red sneaker…
By Rosanne Salvatore

So, Is White Meat Or Dark Meat Better...?

Oh Turkey Day, that magical time of year when you and your family members pile around a table and have Thanksgiving family "discussions" about the important things in life. Like whether or not to watch football all day (obvious answer: hell yes!), wh…
By Rosanne Salvatore

3 Hearty Meatless Tailgating Recipes

I've always been in the business of changing peoples' perspectives on football. No, football doesn't have to be a boy's club. Yes, you can attend games solely for the tailgate food and booze. Basically, it can be anything you want it to be. But it to…
By Rosanne Salvatore

13 Adorable Photos Of Pope Francis In His Fiat

Nothing says "I am a normal human" more than riding in a Fiat, even if you're the Pope. Pope Francis' historic visit to the United States kicked off in his usual, frugal fashion when he hopped into a hatchback, charcoal grey Fiat at Andrews Air Force…
By Rosanne Salvatore

Does The Caveman Minion Toy Curse?

Minions are currently all the rage, with some people going as far as wanting to learn how to speak Minion aka Minionese (yes, people, this is a real thing). But there's one phrase you want not want to translate – and that's "Minion Laughter." There h…
By Rosanne Salvatore

The Nation Celebrates Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court has ruled that states can no longer ban same-sex couples from marrying. The historic 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court Justices was announced Friday morning, just in time for a full weekend of Pride celebrations. The ruling means that a…
By Rosanne Salvatore

What Not To Wear To A Music Festival From 19 Babes

It's no easy feat figuring out what to wear to Governors Ball. I can hardly get myself up and ready on a regular morning. And for Gov Ball you also have to factor in 1-5 mile walks, prime tanning sun hours, East River breezes, and the fact that someo…
By Rosanne Salvatore

Would Bill Become The First First Man?

Via an email to her supporters, Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign just kicked off. Hillz, who is widely regarded as the Democratic front-runner, will now head out to Iowa to really get her second campaign started. And boy, the dream of Cli…
By Rosanne Salvatore

Your "I Hate Football" Super Bowl Drinking Game

I know that the Super Bowl isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. I mean it's definitely my 32 oz. beer, but I get the fact that watching grown-ass men smack each other around for hours on end isn't all that exciting to everyone. Actually I don't r…
By Rosanne Salvatore

'Charlie Hebdo' Was Honored At The SOTU

In a touching tribute to the victims of the 'Charlie Hebdo' massacre, Representative Gwen Moore, D-Wis., waved a pencil during President Obama's 2015 State of the Union address. The symbolic gesture, which has been mimicked in protests and rallies si…
By Rosanne Salvatore

Obama's Wink Just Won The State Of The Union

President Obama's 2015 State of the Union is going strong, but the best thing Obama had to say, or do, happened within the opening five minutes of his speech. And let me tell you, it's uniting people on both sides of the political spectrum. President…
By Rosanne Salvatore

What Happened on 'Serial,' In Cereal

Good morning! Anyone else wake up abnormally (like 2+ hours) early for the final episode of Serial? Yeah, me too. Well here's the good news and the bad news. It's over now. IT'S OVER. #somanyfeelings. (And a requisite SPOILER ALERT for what's ahead!)…
By Rosanne Salvatore

A Definitive Ranking of 99 Smells

The other day I got this totally kickass neon pink chapstick. Then I opened it up only to realize it smells exactly like those horrid creamsicle suckers Lifesavers was trying to push, and failed hard at, a few years back. Later in the day I got in a …
By Rosanne Salvatore

"I Can't Breathe" Unifies the Nation

After a Staten Island grand jury chose not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, protesters have flooded streets across the nation to show their disgust. The entire scuffle between Garner and the NYPD was caught on tape, and …
By Rosanne Salvatore

The Faces of Ferguson

The Darren Wilson decision has sent shockwaves across the nation. Rioters seeking justice for Michael Brown's death have set fire to Ferguson. Other activists have spread out across the United States to protest the grand jury decision to clear Wilson…
By Rosanne Salvatore

The Devastating Aftermath Of The Ferguson Protests

Following the decision Monday night to clear officer Darren Wilson of all criminal charges in the death of Michael Brown, Ferguson is burning. The embattled city was immediately set ablaze by protestors and rioters after the grand jury decision was r…
By Rosanne Salvatore