Amber Rose Went Commando On The Lavender Carpet

One of the questions that women get asked most about award show fashion is: What do celebrities wear underneath their dresses on the red carpet? When it comes to one celeb, we now know for sure because she dished with pure honesty: Amber Rose at MTV Movie Awards. She showed up on the lilac carpet in a skin tight cream and holographic silver dress that would have made it very difficult to hide any undergarments under there unnoticed, so I fully understand and support her decision. Plus, it's not the first time Rose went commando for a huge event.

When red carpet hosts Rachel Antonoff and Nicole Byer asked about her pre-show beauty prep, she revealed that she ditched the undies and underwent some anal bleaching. Yes, anal bleaching. Antonoff nailed my thoughts exactly when she said, "Do we really have to bleach it? Isn't being hairless enough?!" Things have gotten really real on the blue carpet already, you guys. This is the MTV Movie Awards, where people are going to get a little wild and honest. I guess.

They also discussed the merits of a cotton thong — which Antonoff copped to wearing and Rose affirmed she is "here for" — and also agreed they all abide by the maxim of "washing [the vagina] and letting it breathe." I'm into that — both going commando and Amber Rose's holographic dress. Add the fact that when Byer told Rose she looked pretty, she also added, "And you're so smart! I feel like when you just say a woman is pretty, it's bad." Favorite red carpet exchange of the night or favorite red carpet exchange ever?

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