This 'OUAT' Rivalry Won't Die

Someone just had their Madison Montgomery moment on Once Upon a Time. On Sunday night's "Heart of Gold," the Wicked Witch revealed that she's been alive this entire time. I mean, no one really thought that Rumple stabbing Zelena with the dagger and watching her crumble to pieces meant the end of her. Right? While Rumple's lack of a heart slowly killed him during Sunday's episode, it was revealed that Zelena's been impersonating Maid Marian on Once Upon at Time after killing her back in the Enchanted Forest. And her entire plan is based on destroying Regina's happiness.

Even though I had fair warning that Zelena would return in Once Upon a Time Season 4, it still wasn't any easier for me to find out that she was still hanging around on Sunday night. Mostly because the memory watching Regina let go of Robin Hood because he belongs with Marian and his son still makes me shed tears. And learning that it was all part of her very evil plan is just too sad to handle. But anyway, here's the gist of what Regina's dear, old sister has been up to — Zelena killed Marian back when Emma and Hook were traipsing around the Forest, trying not to change the course of history. The Wicked Witch killed Robin Hood's first love and assumed her identity, followed Emma and Hook back to Storybrooke, and has been posing as her to keep Regina and Robin Hood apart ever since. That seems like a lot of effort to maintain the upper hand in a nonexistent sibling rivalry, right?

Well, Zelena finally decided to make her move midway through the episode when she revealed herself to Rumple and at the end of the episode, when she called Regina and let her know exactly what was up. This time, it truly seems like Zelena's plan to screw up everything Regina's worked so hard to achieve might finally work. I mean, unless Regina can figure out a way to outsmart Zelena and Rumple (who's really so desperate at this point that he'll bend over backwards to partner with anyone) and get her romance back. Which, considering how badly things have been going with The Author, definitely won't be easy.

Image: screengrab/ABC