Regina Has A Big 'OUAT' Choice To Make

Having strong magic might make you the biggest badass in the room, but it won't save you from the pains of a broken heart. After a two-week hiatus, Once Upon a Timebrought back the Wicked Witch and dropped a huge bomb on all of its fans that 'ship Regina and Robin Hood. Sunday's "Heart of Gold" revealed that Zelena has been impersonating Maid Marian on OUAT and she's the reason Regina and Robin Hood had to break up. Oh, did you think she was really dead? Well, sorry — Zelena is back and she's taking Regina right down with her. The end of Sunday's episode clearly hinted that Regina's headed back to the dark side on OUAT , so say your goodbyes to her happy end right now.

In what might've been the most heartbreaking scene since Regina decided to let Robin Hood go, she collapsed on the fall in her vault on Sunday after hearing from Zelena that she'd been impersonating Robin Hood's wife all of this time. That's right, Regina let him go right into the hands of her enemy and she might not be able to get him back — well, she might not be able to get him back if she continues to be "good." The episode ended with Rumple asking Regina if she was really going to choose Emma, the Savior, over what might be her only chance at true love. And, judging by the snarl that crept onto her face, Regina's probably not going to choose Emma now that she's considering the other option.

It actually means a lot for OUAT if Regina chooses to be evil again — especially now that Rumple has cemented his status as a Season 4 villain. If Regina gives up on her mission to be better and more deserving of a happy ending and goes back into Evil Queen-mode, Emma's going to lose the last powerful ally she has and the Evil team is going to seriously outnumber the Charming family. Which will leave Season 4 in an even more precarious situation than we thought — if the Author isn't the only trouble in Storybrooke, there might be too much for The Savior to handle.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC