11 Men At The MTV Movie Awards Dress Far Too Casually — Prove It Must Be Nice To Be A Dude

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When it comes to the red carpet looks at the MTV Movie Awards, the rule is generally that the wilder, the louder, and the more outrageous red carpet outfits are gonna show up. It's arguably the least formal awards show and ceremony, after all.

I was talking about the show at a party the other night and someone said, "Oh man, that's the show where something crazy always happens." The women's outfit choices seem to generally reflect this: They show up in gowns with daring cutouts, bright colors, plunging necklines, and bold prints.

The guys, however? Well, there are far too many of them who feel like the chill atmosphere makes it okay to dress like they're heading out for some BBQ. I'm all for feeling comfortable on the red carpet and, sure, no one is forcing women to dress in gowns; but enough is enough. If you see something, you're supposed to say something, right? I'm saying something because this has gone too far. Even though it's chill, please have some self-respect and dress like you're at an awards show. Amber Rose bleached her anus for this, you guys. Her anus. And you couldn't even put on real pants.

Mark Ruffalo, your suit is proof you are a gentleman among boys. Behold, 11 dudes who were too underdressed at The MTV Movie Awards.

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