Who's Stan's Lady Friend Pima On 'Mad Men'? She Goes After Stan *And* Peggy In Her Short SC&P Stint

Art director of Sterling Cooper and Partners, Stan Rizzo, is fully embracing the '70s on Mad Men. He's got what can only be called an amazing hairdo, along with an amazing beard. Also, he's wearing suede suits. It's great. But now, the usually confident guy is having his world rocked by an unlikely source — a director on one of SC&P's commercials. She's confident, creative, and wants to get into Stan's dark room (maybe a euphemism, maybe not). Who is Pima, and what does she want with Stan? On top of that, what does she want with Peggy? (Does this have anything to with 'shipping Peggy & Stan? OK, I'll move along.)

Stan's come a long way since we first met him a few seasons ago — remember when he and Peggy were locked together in a hotel room to finish an assignment, and she completely stripped down? It was all for work (and a little bit for Peggy to assert herself in front of him), but it knocked Stan into place. He's toned down his cocky ways quite a bit, and in Sunday's episode, "New Business" we really saw a completely new side of him. That is, until Pima (played by Mimi Rogers) came along.

This new woman rattles Stan's cage. When they first meet, she makes some playful jokes about how he's going to cut up all her negatives — you know, things creative directors use to flirt. Then, she shows up at his office, and presses him about the use of his dark room, and how her negatives are near and dear to her heart. Stan tries to shrug it off, but clearly this woman has gotten to him. They talk about Stan's own pictures, and when she offers to look at them, she casually coos, "I can feel the tension for the need of my opinion." Yeah, we can feel the tension, too.

So, cut to the next scene where they're together in the dark room, alone, and Stan's dressed up way more than we've seen him lately. (He's wearing a tie!) And whatever he's doing, it's working for Pima because soon they're making out and undressing. That was fast.

And it ends just as fast, too. How so? Well, because Pima tries to "hustle" Peggy, too. That's how Peggy describes Pima: She's a hustler, and she tries the same act on our girl Peggy, with the lingering glances, the soft touches, the innuendo. Except that, to borrow a line from Liz Lemon, Peggy shuts. it. down. She knows that Pima is using her womanly ways to get her way creatively, and Peggy will have none of it. She tells Stan that Pima came on to her, too, and because of this she won't be working with SC&P anymore. No one messes with Peggy.

If Pima looks really familiar, it's because you've most definitely come across her before. She's played by Mimi Rogers, who's no stranger to the '70s (or, even the '60s). Rogers played Mrs. Kenginston in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and it honestly doesn't look like she's aged a day since 1997. More recently she appeared on Wilfred and Two and a Half Men and had a role in The Wedding Ringer earlier this year. Will we see her again on Mad Men, though? Guess that's all up to Peggy.

Image: James Minchin III/AMC