Are They Ever Going To Happen?

Seven episodes… believe it or not, that’s all we have left of Mad Men ’s seventh and final season, which will take its final bow in May 2015. Pretty crazy, right? To be honest, I’ve always been pretty terrible when it comes to goodbyes, but given the fact that this will also put an end to my weekly Jon Hamm fix, I’m having a particularly hard time dealing with this impending departure. But before we all start taking our emotions out on a gallon of ice cream, let’s remember that there are still plenty of juicy storylines to tie up before that dark day comes. Namely, Peggy and Stan need to get it on already.

One of the more popular theories for Mad Men Season 7 includes the prediction that Mad Men will kill Don Draper. And that may very well be the case. HOWEVER, I’m hoping this potential plot twist won’t completely overshadow the Peggy & Stan arc that has remained on the back burner for far too long.

Come on, you know you want to see these two end up together. They’re basically like the ‘60s version of The West Wing’s C.J. Cregg and Danny Concannon: the ideal duo who just can’t seem to get their timing right, but will eventually become each other’s endgame. Because that’s definitely where this is leading, right? Matthew Weiner wouldn’t tease the idea of this Steggy pairing without ever following through with it. That’d just be plain cruel.

Plus, this show pretty much wrote the book on giving into your inhibitions. Clearly a hookup that’s been years in the making isn’t too much to ask. Hardcore ‘shippers have paid their dues and now it’s officially time to change the conversation to that of a more romantic-type nature.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. There are a million reasons why these two crazy ad kids belong together. For starters…

They Share Common Interests

There are always risks that come with dating a coworker, but one of the advantages is that it usually means you have a lot in common with that person. You work with the same people, you're interested in the same industry, and you probably even majored in the same subject in college. It’s a great way to bond with your significant other — something Peggy and Stan could mutually benefit from. If Peggy’s facing a deadline, Stan — being a fellow member of her creative department team — would totally understand what she’s going through and be able to provide both comfort and assistance. She knows it too, which is why she doesn’t think twice before calling him in the middle of the night even when it’s not work related. He’s her go-to guy.

Stan Completely Respects and Supports Peggy

Their initial relationship started out a little rocky, but it’s developed into quite the beautiful friendship over the last few seasons. Not only is he okay with Peggy’s leadership role in the office, but he also fully supports it. He actually wants her to succeed and do well because he believes in her capabilities. It can be hard to find a guy like that nowadays, let alone back in the 1960s.

Peggy Deserves a Decent Guy For a Change

Let’s face it — Peggy’s previous relationships have been pretty disastrous, first with Pete (ugh), then Duck Phillips (double ugh), and that whole awkward situation with Ted. Bottom line: girl could really use a win in the dating department and since Stan is easily the most stable guy in Peggy’s life, I think he would be perfect for the job.

Stan Brings Out Peggy’s Fun Side

As much as I love Peggy, she can be way too serious sometimes. Stan’s great at reminding her to just relax and let loose once in a while. They may share a mutual passion for the ad business, but their differing personality traits make them balance each other out quite nicely. She’s the yin to his yang. (And feel free to take that as sophomorically as you'd like.)

The Sexual Tension Is Palpable

Stan kissed Peggy in Season 6 and while she ended up rejecting him, you could tell that, for a moment, she let herself give into the idea. It’s unclear what’s exactly stopping her from seeing where this could go, especially since Stan’s made his feelings pretty clear on the matter (hence the kiss). She claims it’s because she thinks of him as a brother, but I’m not buying that for a second. No one kisses their brother like that… well, unless you’re a Lannister.

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