Did Jasper & Eleanor Break Up On 'The Royals'? (And Can We Even Call it A Break Up?)

Is any other Royals fan totally and completely confused by the Jasper and Eleanor storyline on the E! Network scripted series? Honestly, I can't understand what feelings they actually have for one another and how much of it is just pure manipulation. On Sunday night's episode "Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon," Jasper finally revealed to Eleanor and the world that he did not actually date rape or blackmail Eleanor in the series premiere of the series as we all believe he did. He just told Eleanor the lie because she had threatened to fire him after her crazy night of partying, drinking and drugs. However, their relationship began evolving into something even more for Jasper and he believed Eleanor felt the same way. At the end of the episode, Eleanor told Jasper (in her own way) that she was on board with his version of their relationship, but tricked him and then escaped his grasp by going to Monaco with her brother. So does that mean that their relationship is already dead in the water? And can we really even call what they had a relationship?

As far as we know and as far as Eleanor was concerned as of just recently, their relationship was really nothing more than just two people manipulating and blackmailing each other for sex. Jasper however, knew they had something deeper. He believed that Eleanor wanted him to dominate and control her because that's what she needed in a relationship.

It seemed as though after Jasper revealed all of this information (and boy, was it a lot of information), that Eleanor was in fact in total agreement. Jasper told her to go to her room, take off her dress and wait for him. But when Jasper made his way to Eleanor's room he saw a body double as Eleanor escaped into a car on her way to Monaco. Does that mean that Eleanor doesn't actually feel the same way for Jasper as he does for her? Honestly it's more likely that Eleanor realized she did have feelings for him and needed to escape because she has trouble with real emotions. We know this is true considering how Eleanor reacted when she visited a local rehab center and met a woman who was dangerously similar to her.

So how will this turn of events affect Jasper and Eleanor's strange relationship? While I'm genuinely confused by everything that's going on with these two, I'm also totally and completely intrigued as to what's coming up next.

Images: E! Entertainment (screenshot); fyeahjeleanor/Tumblr