Walter Scott Shooter Michael Slager Laughed Nervously About Feeling Adrenaline After The Fatal Shooting — AUDIO

In the moments after he fatally shot Walter Scott in the back, Michael Slager laughed nervously with another officer about the adrenaline rush he was feeling, according to police dashcam audio obtained and released by The Guardian. The new audio of the Walter Scott shooting showed Slager discussing the procedural steps that would follow with another officer and reiterating his claim in a personal call that Scott had reached for the officer's Taser. The recording shows a more detailed account of Slager's frame of mind following the deadly April 4 shooting that has once again sparked a national debate over racial bias in the police force.

During the audio recording, Slager asks an officer what happens next. The officer tells Slager he will be taken to police headquarters and will eventually meet with investigators from SLED, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, but assures Slager he won't have to answer questions about the shooting for a few days. The unidentified officer, who tells Slager to go home and relax, advises:

By the time you get home, it would probably be a good idea to kind of jot down your thoughts on what happened. You know, once the adrenaline quits pumping and stuff.

"It's pumping," responds a laughing Slager. The senior officer replies, "Oh yeah. Oh yeah."

On Tuesday, Slager was charged with murder after video captured by bystander Feidin Santana emerged that showed Scott attempting to run away as Slager shot eight times at his back. The cell phone footage appeared to disprove Slager's original claim that he felt threatened after Scott attempted to grab his Taser. Scott was shot in the back four times, authorities said. Slager has since been fired from the police.

The new audio was captured by the same dashcam on Slager's patrol car from which police released video footage on Thursday. The video showed Scott being pulled over for a broken taillight as well as showed the 50-year-old running away on foot. Scott's family had suggested that he fled because he owed more than $18,000 in child-support payments. There was a bench warrant for Scott's arrest at the time of the shooting, according to NBC News.

The audio recording also showed Slager received a call on his personal cell phone soon after the shooting. The 33-year-old cop tells the other person on the line that he's fine and would be home later. He also tells the person, "He (Scott) grabbed my Taser. Yeah, he was running from me." Slager's wife, Jamie, is eight months pregnant with their first child. North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey last week told reporters the city would continue to cover insurance for Slager's family until his wife gave birth.

Image: New York Times