11 Smart Gardens For Your Apartment, Because Even Tiny Spaces Deserve Some Greenery

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Think your cool, sparse urban apartment needs a bit of green flair to perk it up? You're not alone — and you're more right than you think. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery in our lives and workplaces drastically reduces our stress levels. That tree through your window and suffering pot plant on your kitchen sill are doing you more good than you think. But what if you have no garden, time, or indoor space to cultivate a lush green paradise? Worry not — technology's got you covered.

The benefits of growing at home, particularly herbs and other "usable" plants, have become more evident in the wake of the recession, where people with minimal indoor space started to look for ways to cut their budget. Why buy basil from the bodega when you can cultivate it at home? And now there are seriously smart options to help you grow stuff water-free, monitor your plants, fit pots into teeny spaces, and keep things simple. Even if you're time and space-poor, you can still be a green goddess.

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