Paul McCartney's "Queenie Eye" Video Is the Cool Celebrity Party You Weren't Invited To

Only Paul McCartney could get such a random assortment of celebrities together for a dance party at Abbey Road Studios. Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Alice Eve, Chris Pine, Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Sean Penn, Jeremy Irons, Jude Law — who knew they all hung out together with Paul McCartney? Well, now you do: Thanks to Paul McCartney's new video for "Queenie Eye," the latest single off of his new album appropriately titled, well, "New."

The video starts off with McCartney alone with a producer at Abbey Road Studios, heading to his grand piano to do a take of "Queenie Eye." As the music kicks in and the lyrics begin — "there were rules you never told me," he croons — celebrities begin appearing around him, starting with Johnny Depp hanging out at the foot of the piano listening to the song on his iPod.

One by one, more and more appear until it's a full-on rager, the best party you were never invited to because you're not as cool as all these guys. It's a little random, but who cares? Never again will you get to see Meryl Streep laughing at Kate Moss dancing, so enjoy it while it lasts.

You can check out the video below. McCartney's album, "New," is now available on iTunes.

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