What's Harry Styles' Net Worth? Let's Just Say His Wallet Is Way Fatter Than Yours

Although I've never been in a boy band myself, I'd imagine there are a lot of good things about being in One Direction: the endless train of admirers, traveling the world with your best friends, having fabulous hair. But the best part? Undoubtedly all that money. Obviously Harry Styles and his bandmates make, like, a zillion dollars a second, but how much exactly is Styles bringing home? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harry Styles' net worth is $23 million as of 2015, which is more than many of us will ever make in our lifetimes. And being that, as a woman, I am totally ineligible to ever be in One Direction and bring home that kind of paycheck, it's a bit of a depressing thought. Damn it, Styles.

Not that he doesn't deserve it, of course. He works hard, he's very talented, and basically gave up all sense of normalcy that he would ever hope to have for the rest of his life by signing on to this 1D deal. And although it's small potatoes compared to what a megastar like Beyoncé is worth ($450 million, NBD) $23 million is a lot, though — an unfathomable amount for most of us, actually.

To truly understand exactly how rich Styles is, I feel like we need some real life examples. With $23 million, Styles could buy...

230,000 Pairs Of Skinny Jeans

Since they're all he ever wears, this would be a wise investment, especially if he hates doing laundry as much as most of the world does.

23,232,323 Tacos From Taco Bell

His favorite food is tacos, in case you didn't know. Not surprising, since seriously, who doesn't love tacos? I think I speak for all of us when I say that I've thought, "Wow, 23 million tacos would really hit the spot right now" more than once.

97,872 Tattoos

At an average price of $75 an hour for an average of three hours of work each, Styles could effectively cover every inch of his body.

575,000 Hats

Although I totally suspect he already owns this many.

40,250,000 Ponytail Holders For His Man Bun

You can't have enough! Those things constantly go missing.

5 Giant Beverly Hills Mansions

To match the gorgeous one he bought last year. The only reason I can see for buying that many houses is to use another one when yours is too messy and you don't feel like cleaning it. Ugh, it must be awesome to be rich.

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