So How Rich is Harry Exactly?

Sometimes I like to fantasize about how my life would be if I had millions of dollars at my disposal and don't tell me you haven't done the same! Well, I tortured myself further and looked up that time One Direction topped Daniel Radcliffe as the U.K.'s richest entertainers under 30. How much did the band make in 2014? About $125 million. And because I'm asking for a friend, how much money does Harry Styles make himself? Ummm, a lot.

If we use our powerful math skills, we can assume that each member of 1D received about $25 million last year because they were busy doing everything under the sun. One of the biggest money makers for pop stars is their tour income, and One Direction has not stopped one bit. In July 2014, Forbes reported that once all of the teeny bopper cries have settled, 1D's Where We Are Tour will have grossed over $300 million, which will place them within the top 10 highest grossing tours EVER! This is a list that contains the Rolling Stones and The Police. This is an unimaginable feat for a band that is pretty much a baby in the business — they've only been around for four years.

But back to Mr. Styles. How does he fund his endless supply of wide-brimmed hats and flowing, flowery tops? With his cool $25 million of course! Back in May of 2014, The Daily Mail gave us a small breakdown of each 1D members' fortunes, and placed them all at about £14 million GBP (which equals around $20 million USD.) Right now, Styles has three known cars that he has splurged on, totaling around $160,000 and a few millions dollars worth of properties in LA and London. That said, there's a good chance that by the end of 2014, his personal wealth reached at least $25 million, with the success of 1D's tours, DVD sales, and even their award-winning perfumes (who knew?).

One Direction as a whole are becoming quite the businessmen, and it was uncovered in October that the band are reportedly all secret investors in Aussie rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. It's quite genius if you think about it. The boys know the tastes of their fans, who obviously will love any group of cute dudes with guitars and accents. Now, just add them as your tour opener and tweet about them and it's a win/win for everyone! According to Billboard, the 1D boys have a total of 50 percent of the shares, and the managers hold the rest. So each member is estimated to have made about $25,000 so far, but with merchandise and 5SOS' growing popularity (thanks to 1D), Harry and the boys will be getting a steady stream of money from the band in no time.

Did I mention that One Direction also announced that they are BACK on tour for 2015, with their aptly named, On the Road Again Tour? The dates kick off in (already sold out) arenas in the U.K., only to span the globe well into September 2015. If history has anything to tell us, One Direction are on their way to making even more history and I have a feeling Harry Styles and company won't have to check their bank accounts ever again. Dreams do come true!

Images: Giphy (2); Getty Images