This Is The Best Way To Break Up With Someone

Although we live in a dating world riddled with technology ― we meet online then converse via email or text ― a survey has found that when it comes to calling it quits, breaking up face-to-face is the most common. Apparently, while our courting and meeting habits are very much 2015, our break up behavior is actually pretty old fashion. That’s a relief; no one wants to get a text reading, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don't hate me.” Oh, wait ― that was a Post-It Note.

Mic conducted a study of 1,802 people, between the ages of 25 and 34, and found that 72.4 percent of people said that they do their breaking up in person. But while these people are decent enough to go that route, 5.6 percent prefer to just let the relationship fade away, or what’s otherwise known as “ghosting.” Other break up method stats include 9.7 percent picking up the phone to say their adieu, 3.6 texting their “see ya later,” and 8.5 percent said they’d never dumped anyone, which I guess makes them the chronic dumpee. Well then.

But when it comes to dumpees, 55.6 percent said it was done in person, 16.8 percent said it was via a phone call, and 7.2 percent said they were the victim of ghosting, a method that an Elle survey found 26 percent of women had been subjected to. So, I guess that goes to show who makes up the participants in your study says everything about the conclusions.

There is a right way and a wrong way to break up with someone. Wrong way: Ghosting, because, come on! Right way: Face-to-face. Ghosting leaves someone wondering what happened: Did they change their number and forget to tell me? What did I do wrong? Were they kidnapped? Is this just a bizarre game of hide-n-seek?

But breaking up with someone face-to face provides closure. It’s the decent thing to do, and while, god forbidden it might put you in the position of dealing with confrontation, it’s just what you do when you’ve dated someone, not matter how long or how short. You want the person to move on, without lingering on the hope that you just might come back again. It’s also healthy for both of you ― you live without regret and forever being labeled a douchebag and they don’t spend the next 365 days posting “missing” flyers around town.

Breaking up is never easy, no matter what side of the table you’re on, but walking away knowing you were mature and kind about it will let you sleep you at night ― or at least avoid seeing your face on the six o’clock news.

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