Celebrating Emma Thompson's Style On Her Birthday

Today's the time to celebrate an inspirational actress with a career spanning decades, a killer sense of humor, and a keen eye towards fashion: It's Emma Thompson's birthday! Considering that she certainly provides enough justification for celebration, it seems fitting that we make April 15th the perfect occasion for a bit of an Emma Thompson party. Let the fiesta begin!

For anyone who thinks they're unfamiliar with Thompson's work, well, you're probably wrong. From modern classics like Love Actually to period pieces like Sense and Sensibility to an integral role in Harry Potter, Thompson's cinematic resume includes some of greatest and most important movies in recent decades. The 56-year-old British actress has also established herself on stage, in renditions of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and King Lear — to name a few.

What's more is that Thompson has done this all with an enviable personal style just begging for imitation. Thompson manages to perfectly capture her personality into everything she wears, striking a perfect balance of elegance and humor that proves good things come when you embrace who you are without taking this crazy life too seriously. Be it at awards shows or movie premieres, Thompson knows how to bring on the glamour while simultaneously never losing a sense of her carefree (and hilarious) self.

She Has Fun


The greatest thing about Emma Thompson's personal style is simply how fun said personal style is. Whether it's through her expert portrayal of characters like Hogwarts' Professor Sybil Trelawney or through her masterclass in charades on the Tonight Show, Thompson clearly knows what it means to embrace eccentricity — and her personal style does just that.

Whatever Thompson wears, it's always something that shows off her personality. Take, for example, the vintage, unbranded dress she wore to the 2014 Screen Actor's Guild Awards with a beautiful pair of Lauren Merkin flats. Yes, you read that right. Flats. After her infamous awards presentation at the Golden Globes earlier in the year (where Thompson walked to stage barefoot, eventually tossing her pair of red-soled Louboutins over her shoulder joking, "This red? It's my blood"), Thompson walked the red carpet in flats.

She Can Bring The Glamour

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Thompson's penchant for flat shoes is something perfectly fitting for her refreshingly relaxed attitude to all things Hollywood glamour. But, just as Thompson knows how important it is to have a laugh on the red carpet, she also knows how to bring on the glamour. The actress is famous for photobombing her fellow A-listers at swanky awards shows and movie premieres, but she's always dressed to the nines while doing so.

First, for instance, there is the gold and black WilliamVintage dress she wore to the aforementioned Golden Globe Awards in 2014. A long-sleeved, high-neck top that shimmered with a sutble art deco pattern on the top and a flowing black A-line skirt on the bottom (plus those Louboutins, of course) — the vintage piece demonstrated the sheer elegance of Thompson's style. Or, take the stunning Maria Grachvogel red dress and white, oversized-collar jacket Thompson wore to the 2014 BAFTAs. Chic and simple, the look nonetheless stuns in its unabashed and unapologetic glamour.


And if that's not enough, perhaps look at some of Thompson's older looks, like her silk Maria Grachvogel gown — complete with a plunging back and boa(!) — from the 2004 BAFTAs.

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Or, maybe look at the smart black and white pantsuit Thompson wore to the Men in Black 3 premiere in 2012. Lose-fitting but still tailored, the ensemble was definitely a smart play on the movie itself, and proved that men aren't the only ones who can look good in suits.

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Whatever the case, the glamour of Thompson's style certainly cannot be denied. She might not take it all too seriously, but that doesn't mean she can't look great on the red carpet.

She Knows Her Signature Style


Unsurprisingly, knowing yourself is pretty key to having amazing personal style — and it's clear that Emma Thompson knows what's up. Her awards show and red carpet looks are pretty much always on point. Thompson clearly recognizes what works and what doesn't, in seemingly every sense. Her outfits consistently flatter but not one is ever boring.

Be it with a different sort of silhouette (like the 2014 Golden Globes dress or the MIB3 pantsuit) or a pop of color (like her teal 1992 Academy Awards gown), Thompson isn't afraid to take risks, but she certainly makes informed fashion decisions. Plus, with her classic cropped blonde cut and penchant for bold accessories, rare is the moment where Thompson loses her signature style.

From moments of her own admission, it's clear that Emma Thompson isn't the biggest fan of all the Hollywood hoopla that comes with red carpets and awards shows. But that's what makes her personal style so unique and so appealing. She isn't afraid to be herself — to wear what makes her the most comfortable. And in doing so, Thompson grants more than enough reason for a bit of birthday — and every day — style salutation.

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