Why Does Lisa Rinna Hate Being Shushed? The 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Has A Long History With Being Told Not To Talk

The reunions on the Real Housewives franchise always stir up raw emotions for some of the women. For Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, being told "shh" is a huge problem. On the final part of the reunion, Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards go at it — of course — regarding a message that Lisa sent Kim post finale. The message doesn't paint Lisa in the best light, but the reason behind the out-of-character text seems to come from a much deeper place than frustration with Kim Richards. As it turns out, it has to do with Lisa's history of being shushed.

Before we dive into Lisa's personal reason to being told "shh," I think that it's a pretty popular opinion that being told to "shh" as an adult is the worst. No one wants to be told not to speak or to be quiet, and that is going to frustrate any person who has a lot to say (or maybe is a little more particular with their words... then it's even more demeaning). While this is possibly something that affected Lisa Rinna, her problem with being shushed stems from her upbringing.

"I have an issue with people shushing me and telling me to shut up," Lisa Rinna explains to the group on the third part of the finale. She continues to explain that her father — Lisa visited him and her mother this season — shut her down a lot in life. As seen in the scene below, it's an emotional topic for Lisa to speak on, so the fact that Kim starts laughing isn't going to help the situation.

If Lisa grew up being told "shh" and not to talk, I can see that becoming a point of contention as an adult. Lisa is usually a very outspoken and vocal cast member, and being told to not have those feelings, or at least not to vocalize those feelings, would probably drive anyone crazy.

With that said, Lisa's text to Kim seems to be something that shouldn't have happened. While I empathize with Lisa, texting someone that you will "f—k them up" is definitely not the high road to take. I think Lisa knows this and recognizes that her feelings regarding being shushed got the best of her in the situation and caused her to say things that she normally wouldn't say.

It might be wishful thinking, but hopefully now that the truth comes out on why Lisa was so vocal about Kim's sobriety and why Lisa reacted the way she did towards being told to butt out there can be some type of truce between Kim and Lisa Rinna. Wishful thinking, right?

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo