Lisa Rinna Knows Her Depends Ad Is Silly & Here's Why We Should Take A Page Out Of Her Book

I was happy to hear that Lisa Rina was joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast at the start of Season 5, and boy, her inaugural season did not disappoint. Often, new cast members tend to not be very involved in the season's drama, but Lisa managed to be different because she got involved in everyone's drama. And on this show, that's a plus in my book. When I decided Lisa Rinna was my favorite housewife of the season, I decided to do what any normal fan would do and watch YouTube videos of her for an hour (or four). And that's when I found the Lisa Rinna Depends ad.

The Depends ad, more specifically a video advertisement for Depend® Silhouette for Women, is... something. At first I thought, Oh, Lisa. No. The video features Lisa, looking beautiful in a black dress, and her husband Harry Hamlin, speaking with a "reporter" about how Lisa is wearing the new Depend® Silhouette for Women. The briefs are used for incontinence, with maximum absorbency, and like I said, my initial reaction was Oh, Lisa. No. You were on Veronica Mars! But then I actually watched the video, and wait a minute... this ad isn't tragic like I thought it was, and it's awesome Lisa doesn't give a flying wine glass that she's doing a commercial for involuntary urination.

Yes. I support Lisa Rinna's Depend® Silhouette for Women ad, and so should you. But first, the video in question:

Express Medical Supply, Inc. on YouTube

The video itself is glamorous, and if Lisa Rinna is going to do an ad for Depends, you know she'd have it no other way. The reason this ad is actually pretty awesome is because of the message behind it.

First of all, Lisa is wearing these briefs for Dress for Success, the organization that provides interview outfits and career development for low-income women (Countess LuAnn also worked with this charity in Season 1 of RHONY). I don't really understand what "wearing them for charity" means, but if it's bringing attention to Dress for Success, then who cares? It's a really incredible organization that not only promotes women in the workplace, but also overall confidence for women looking to get back into the work field after falling on hard times.

Another reason I'm pro-pee panties is because Lisa is "a champion for positive self-image for women," and how can you not support that? As she says in the advertisement, "The new silhouette makes a woman feel confident and fashionable," and really, whether it be Depends, skinny jeans, hooded sweatshirts, whatever, that makes a woman feel confident and fashionable, then we need more of it.

And finally, the reason there is no shame in Lisa Rinna's game for this advert is because... she'll "do anything to make a buck," dammit! During Season 5 of RHOBH, Lisa said in a talking head moment that she'll do anything to make a buck, and I say, "More power to ya, girl!" Supposedly the "buck" is pretty high, so can't blame the lady for being such a savvy a career woman.

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