Tim Hortons Nutella Donuts And Bagels Are Coming On April 15, Making All Your Chocolate And Hazelnut Dreams Come True

As has been the case for many Americans, there have been a few times over the last 15 to 20 year in which I've desperately wanted to move to Canada. Now, though, I've got a whole new reason for it, and it's way better than any of the others I've previously cited: Tim Hortons Nutella donuts are coming. It's not that I'm a huge Tim Hortons devotee or anything… but I am both a Nutella enthusiast and a strong supporter of donuts. So, given that these magnificent pastries will only be appearing at Tim Hortons locations in Canada? Well, you do the math.

The website Inside Timmies — which, as far as I can see, is sort of like a Tim Hortons equivalent to Starbucks Melody — initially broke the news last week. Rumor had it that the Canadian coffee shop and bakery chain would be debuting three brand new, Nutella-infused additions to the menu starting on April 15: Chocolate Hazelnut donuts filled with Nutella; Pastry Pockets filled with Nutella; and plain ol' bagels made magical with the addition of a schmear of Nutella.

The chain itself confirmed the news shortly after it first appeared, too, so yes, it's official: Tim Hortons will be smothered in chocolate hazelnut spread for the foreseeable future. Said Senior Director of Brand Marketing for Tim Hortons Julie Unsworth in a press release, “This is a sweet day for Tim Hortons. We've married the irresistible fresh taste of Tim Hortons baked goods with world-renowned Nutella to create a phenomenal flavor pairing that Canadians will fall head over heels for. This is a melt-in-your-mouth, must-try treat.”

Also, eating Nutella is like eating a galaxy.

Anyway, the donut will come in the classic T. Hort petal format, although I can safely say that this one looks like it'll be a whole lot tastier than that frightening Buffalo Chicken one Tim Hortons debuted last year (and no, I still haven't gotten over that thing. I don't think I'll ever get over it, because ew). The Pastry Pockets, meanwhile, sound a little more like Nutella-filled croissants: They're flaky, rather than doughy, and dusted with powdered sugar. And if you've never experienced Nutella spread on a bagel before? Well, let's just say that once you've tried it, you'll never go back to cream cheese. Ever.

Although I noted that I would definitely move to Canada for these suckers, maybe I won't actually have to go that far to get a hold of 'em. Although they'll be appearing in Canada first on April 16, they'll eventually make their way a little further south, too: They're set to debut in US Tim Hortons locations starting on May 8. They'll only be available for a limited time, though — until June 9 in Canada and August 18 in the States — so you'd better grab 'em while you can.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go run to my local Wawa to pick up a can of Nutella. Thanks for the insatiable chocolate hazelnut craving, Tim Hortons. I'm totally going to spoil my dinner, but whatever. In the meantime, have some GIFs celebrating my love of the stuff, because, well... Nutella donuts, you guys.

(That's me right now, by the way. Just sayin'.)

Images: Time Hortons; Giphy (6)