5 Things Chris Harrison Should Do On 'Who Wants to Be A Millionaire'

Everyone stop what you're doing, because our game show dreams (dreams we didn't even realize we had) are about to come true. Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise and otherwise known as my future husband, is slated to be the new host of the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. According to a recent report, Harrison has signed on to take over the spot previously occupied by Terry Crews, "...who is unable to continue due to the demands of other TV projects..." Enjoy those demands, Terry, as I am about to demand every person around me keep quiet every time a new Millionaire episode airs now that Mr. Hunky Harrison is going to be there.

For a whopping 19 seasons of The Bachelor, Harrison has graced us with a presence that is equal parts compassionate and assertive. He is able to console, but also knows how to cut through the bull (hi, Juan Pablo). The dating-based franchise Harrison has become accustomed to could technically be labeled as a game show since there are contestants vying for a "prize" (albeit, it's a little strange to refer to a person as a prize), but game shows like Millionaireare are arguably different.

The drive of the contestants is financial, we don't see the same contestants week after week and I have yet to be as emotionally effected by anything on Millionaire as, say, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray. That's not to say that Harrison's dating show repertoire will hinder him on a completely different format. If anything, maybe Harrison could infuse some of his Bachelor experience into his new hosting gig in a way that make the ratings skyrocket. Here are a few ideas of what he could do.

Give Roses To The Contestants

Who doesn't like a pretty red rose to go along with their victories? Each time a contestant on Millionaire got elevated to a higher level, I say Harrison should reveal a rose and hand it to said contestant. Some will love it, some will feel so-so about it, and some will feel super awkward. Still, after 19 seasons of rose ceremonies, we all have learned one thing: flowers equal awesome ratings.

Console Those That Lost Post-Show

Countless contestants from the Bachelor franchise have left empty-handed and crying...I mean seriously crying. Ok, I think one might have been chugging whiskey, but for the most part they're usually crying. Most contestants on shows like Millionaire or Jeopardy leave looking disappointed but gracious, likely saving their tears for the car ride back. With Harrison, they can let their emotions run freely in countless post-show specials, reunion shows and a smorgasbord of spin-offs. Thanks for always drying our tears, Chris!

Lighten The Mood

Not only has Harrison proven himself to be quite the sensitive suitor over the years, he never fails to bring a little comic relief when needed. Attempting to win a million dollars is one heck of a stressful situation. Harrison can lighten the mood with a sharp yet unoffensive wit. He can even make a crack about that guy you're "talking to" who told you he was going to be "too busy" to serve as one of your lifelines when you get a confounding question.

Bring Back Juan Pablo

Ok, I know how we all feel about Juan Pablo, but hear me out on this one. Harrison could bring Juan Pablo on as a contestant and give him questions that we all know he couldn't answer. There could be questions such as, "What is the one thing you shouldn't tell someone when you're supposed to be proposing?" or "Why is sensitivity a strength as opposed to a weakness?" It would be a beautiful moment in game show history, at least in my fantasy.

He Could Be Chris Harrison

OK, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Chris Harrison is going to go out there and be himself, which is...Chris. Freaking. Harrison. Did I mention I love Chris Harrison? I love Chris Harrison. We all love Chris Harrison. Now we get even more Chris Harrison time than we did before, and it's one of the best things ever.

Go, Chris, go!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire airs weekdays in national syndication.

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