10 Road Trips You Have To Take This Spring

There's nothing quite like a rejuvenating, relaxing (or invigorating) spring road trip you take with friends. You spend the entire year working your little behind off in one sense or another, saving money (often times for reasons you're not even entirely sure of). Then, once the time for your getaway has finally arrived, the fruits of your labor make themselves known as you plop yourself in a convertible, and stock up on some hot Cheetos and a whole lot of stimulants (caffeine, of course). The most important part of this equation, though, is the location: where are you and the girls going to head off?

Don't be fooled — the destination itself isn't what truly matters. It's about the journey. What you'll see on your way "there," who you'll run into, the interactions you'll have with strangers at this random diner and that motel... these things are the essence of a road trip, and each funny moment, scary instant, and occurrence of ridiculousness will define your time together. Ultimately, your arrival to wherever is predictable. You'll get there, eventually. That's not what matters. So now is the time to ask yourself what you really want to see. In that spirit, we've compiled 10 spring road trip options that will ensure you the ride of your life. Literally.

1. New York to Austin, Texas — 26 hours

Three days of solid driving, and you're in Austin, the best city in Texas — and the one that will change your perspective on the traditional south.

2. Austin to San Diego, California — 18 hours

Ready for perfect weather, beaches, pretty bodies, and booze-infused nights? San Diego is your ultimate destination.

3. San Diego to Portland, Oregon — 17 hours

One of several coastal drives on the list, the journey up from California is one of the greenest, lushest, and most beautiful I've ever experienced.

4. Portland to Seattle, Washington — 3 hours

Seattle is a sight to be seen, and it's only a few hours away from several major cities.

5. Seattle to Boise, Idaho — 8 hours

Boise may not be the first vacation spot on your list, but a long drive through country roads not only gives you the freedom to speed, but also lots of time for those '90s playlists and girl talk.

6. Boise to Salt Lake City, Utah — 5 hours

If you and your crew are into skiing or snowboarding, this drive might be ideal for you.

7. Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, Nevada — 6 hours

The roads will be dry, and the desert hot, but a few iced coffees and solid Britney mixes later, and you'll be happy you traversed them.

8. Las Vegas to Phoenix, Arizona — 5 hours

Time for a new view; the red rocks of Arizona and the hot, hot heat will almost assuredly give you a new perspective on your own living situation. Also, those 'Zonies know how to party.

9. Phoenix to Albuquerque, New Mexico — 7 hours

The perfect snack food drive. Stop at Whole Foods, and stock up before you head off.

10. Albuquerque to Denver, Colorado — 6.5 hours

For an awesome, rapid change of scenery.

Images: Trey Ratcliff/Flickr; Giphy (10)