What To Do In Los Angeles This Summer

There's really only one place in the country where you can have year-round fun outdoors and always have something new and cool to try, and that place is Los Angeles. (Well, at least according to me.) It should come as no surprise that this city is constantly bustling with newcomers and tourists, and every establishment has a line out front that stretches around the corner. It's because the weather is always mild and lovely, the city close to everything you'd ever want to do and see, and the majority of humans living here are breathtakingly beautiful enough to be camera-ready on the first day of a disgusting flu. This is where we all want to be.

In fact, most people you meet in the Los Angeles area grew up somewhere else entirely, myself included (Granite State what-WHAT!), and moved to LA for all the opportunities it has to offer. It's a city of dreamers constantly striving for more. So during the week most LA-ers are crushing it at work, but at night and on the weekends we are all about having serious fun in the sun. And since we're right on the cusp of summer, it's time to remove the jackets and soak up the heat. We've partnered with Crocs to count all the ways to take advantage of the gorgeous LA weather.

Best Outdoor Dining

Malibu Cafe

The Malibu Cafe is a cozy outdoor cafe in the middle of a beautiful, sprawling, woodsy wedding venue (Calamigos Ranch). This place has an outdoor fireplace, lounge chairs, and lawn games, in addition to food you'll want to eat for every meal for the rest of your life.


At the aptly named Perch, you will truly feel like a tiny bird nestled on a high branch with the ability to see the bustling city beneath you. Located in the heart of Downtown LA, it features rich, French-inspired dishes and an amazing view of the surrounding skyscrapers. Be sure to enjoy the highly praised truffle fries and brussels sprouts while you take in the sublime surroundings.

Best Outdoor Performance Venue

The Hollywood Bowl

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're looking for an outdoor venue that's so comfortable you'd consider bringing a tent and making it your outdoor home, The Hollywood Bowl is for you. Pro tip: I'd actually advise against camping there after a show, because I think they'd give you the boot.

Best Place To Have Fun By Foot

Runyon Canyon

You want a hike that includes majestic sights of nature and also shows off the sprawling City of Angels? Runyon Canyon provides both, and it's also a popular workout spot for celebrities, so prepare to be starstruck while working up a sweat.

Best Outdoor Nightlife

The Roof on Wilshire

When you think of classy rooftop parties in LA that overlook the landscape from here to Nevada, The Roof on Wilshire delivers. The kitchen is helmed by Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef Eric Greenspan, so you can enjoy some delicious grub while planning your Hollywood takeover.

Hotel Erwin

Crocs style featured above: Crocs Rio Flip, $44.99.

This rooftop bar is in the sweet spot of Venice and it overlooks the ocean, providing endless zen while you get to sippin' on your cocktail and snacking on seafood sliders. It's perfect as a daytime hangout -- and even better for a night out.

Best Outdoor Festivals

Rose Bowl Flea Market

This massive flea market takes place at the Rose Bowl the second Sunday of every month. Tons of locals and visitors alike flock to it like bargain hunters to a sale-sign flame. You can find pretty much anything here, and you will absolutely bring home a unique trinket to display.

Best Places To Cool Off

Santa Monica Pier

The greatest thing about living in Los Angeles is its proximity to the coastline. And our coast is the best coast, because every few miles has a beach you'll never want to leave and a pier to play on. The coolest pier is OF COURSE the Santa Monica Pier, because it has several rides, games, and fried summery snacks that'll take you right back to your childhood. Most piers in Los Angeles only boast a restaurant or two, so in comparison, this is definitely the pier that's worth your time.

Best View

The Getty Center

The Getty Center has amazing gardens to stroll through, brilliant architecture to marvel at, and a spectacular 360-view of the entire city. You can't help but feel inspired.

Image: Eric Chan/Flickr, bfick/Flickr, Marc Levin/Flickr, Roof on Wilshire/Facebook, Nick Webb/Flickr, Sompop S/Flickr, Phil Scoville/Flickr

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