Women Draw Their Ideal Penis Size

by Kat George

I've always said a giant penis is more of a burden than a blessing. But then, I'm a tiny 5-foot woman and I guess there's just not all that much space to put anything really huge. I like penises to be...decidedly average. It's probably the only thing in life in which hearing, "Oh, it's average," gets me super excited. So Elite Daily,purveyors of highly important scientific research, had a bunch of women draw their ideal penis size, and I can see that I'm in good company. Average, as it turns out, is incredibly desirable for a penis. Don't be alarmed if you have an above or below average penis though: The women in the video draw all kinds, big, small and average. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

The women span a broad range in terms of age and race (and probably other things; I don't know their lives), and each one of them manages to draw a distinctly unique penis. Some are wide, some are short, some have saggy balls and some are dressed like a French caricature. I can't decide if my favorite is the woman who traces around her arm and balled fist to create the perfect penis (she's clearly my exact opposite), or the older lady who reiterates that she's seen "many" penises.

Watch the entire glorious video below:

Here are some other people who have very specific penis size preferences:

1. Samantha Jones, duh

2. Austin Powers

3. This judgmental bride to be

4. Jillian

5. Schmidt

6. Eminem

7. Samantha Jones, like, really

Images: YouTube; Giphy (7)