'Finding Carter' Preview Reveals Lori Drama Ahead

Did you think that Lori couldn't possibly out-crazy herself on Finding Carter Season 2? Well, think again. During last Tuesday's episode, Finding Carter revealed Lori and David's affair — only to make matters far worse for the Wilsons, as Carter and Taylor had just learned that Lori is, in fact, their biological mother, since she served as Elizabeth's egg donor way back when. And, apparently, not even jail can stop Lori from trying to "have rights as a mother." In this Finding Carter sneak peek, we see Lori contacting Carter from jail and, honestly, I'm not really surprised.

If it hasn't become entirely apparent by now, Lori has no intentions of giving up on her now non-existent relationship with Carter. And this clip from Tuesday's new episode proves that not even being behind bars will give her a reality check. So, what does this mean for Season 2? Well, for one, we're not nearly done with the Lori drama that seemed to hit its peak during last Tuesday's episode, "Shut Up and Drive." In two episodes' time, Finding Carter has dropped two, major, series-changing bombs regarding Lori's past with the Wilson family. And, if Lori's attempting to contact Carter from jail, there's clearly a lot more drama to come — but what more could Lori possibly have to say? Check out the clip below.

At this point, the fact that Carter doesn't pick up the call and, instead, decides to confide in Taylor that Lori's calling her from the Central County Correctional Facility (Is anyone hearing the Serial voice right now?) is huge. Carter's finally done with Lori, and has moved on from their past into a new relationship with the Wilsons and her sister. But the most important thing about this clip is the huge red flag it raises: how in the hell did Lori get access to Carter's cellphone number from jail? I'm betting on the person Lori called in the Season 2 premiere — I highly doubt that Elizabeth wouldn't have changed all of Carter's phone numbers and contact info following that second kidnapping. So, is that mystery person someone close enough to Carter that they'd have access to her new cellphone number? We know that Crash is out of jail and trying to "make amends" — he could be the link.

Either way, we're clearly not done with Lori on Finding Carter. She might be locked up and safely away from Carter, Taylor, and the rest of the Wilsons, but she's not letting go of what she thinks is hers. Not for a second.

Image: MTV