Lori & David's 'Finding Carter' History Is A One-Night-Stand, But He Might Be Just A Casualty Of Her Plans

And so the truth comes out for the Wilson family — just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any crazier than the fact that Lori was Elizabeth's egg donor on Finding Carter . Well, apparently, they can. On Tuesday night's episode, "Shut Up and Drive," David finally revealed his secret to Carter — you know, the one he's been incredibly shady about this entire time. After Carter and Taylor were born, Finding Carter 's David and Lori had a one-night-stand and the Wilson patriarch confided in the woman that would become Carter's kidnapper all kinds of details about his marriage. Nice job, David. Nice. Job.

During an interview with the police, Lori detailed her affair with David and how she believed that he was going to leave Elizabeth, take their daughters, and start a new life with Lori while Elizabeth listened in. And, at the same time, David told his side of the story to Carter after she pressed him for answers to what Lori said about him having secrets. So, who can we really trust? Honestly, I'm putting my money on David with this one.

Lori said straight up that, while she knew who David was, he had absolutely no idea that she was the biological mother of his daughters. Which, for those of you still doubting David, just makes him an extremely unfortunate casualty in Lori's ultimate decision to kidnap Carter. I'm not saying that David having an affair during a difficult time in his marriage is OK — it's not, not even a little bit — but he's definitely not the conspirator I thought he was. There were plenty of times during Finding Carter Season 1 that I felt that David was wildly insincere, creepy, and generally untrustworthy, but I didn't get that during his confession on Tuesday night. David seemed truly scared and sorry this time for what had happened then and how it dragged everyone down with him. So, maybe it is finally time to cut this guy some slack? I mean, only if he apologizes for smashing Grant's cookies.

Still not over it.

Image: screengrab/MTV; a-means-to-start-again/Tumblr