Still No Taco Emoji & People Are HANGRY

Last week's iOS update 8.3 update made big waves for a lot of reasons. The big one, of course, was the inclusion of racially diverse emoji (as imperfect as they are) — but almost as notable were the emoji that were conspicuously absent from the update. These absences have left many asking one incredibly specific question: When will the taco emoji finally arrive? And, well… we don't know yet. As was the case with the redheaded emoji, pleas for the new update to include a tiny pictorial taco were summarily ignored. All we know is that it's not here now, and everyone is really, really pissed about it.

Cries for the taco emoji first picked up steam with last year's Unicode update, and ever since then, devoted emoji users have been clamoring for the ability to represent their favorite food via iMessage character. But even though many have spoken out about their desire for a taco emoji, it remains beyond our grasp. Even the mighty power of Taco Bell itself couldn't make it happen, although as we've seen from their petition — currently over 31,000 signatures strong — they're still fighting the good fight.

But nothing speaks stronger than the voices of the people, so let's take a look at what the Twittersphere is saying, shall we? Many replied with a simple yet plaintive sigh of, “What? Still no taco emoji?”:

While others have gotten downright nihilistic about it:

Some have pointed out seemingly counter-intuitive quirks of iOS 8.3:

And many have noted how weird it is that these emoji all exist, while the taco — which would surely see frequent usage — one does not:

Some, though, remain optimistic about the future:

So maybe one day we'll be able to demonstrate our love for the humble taco through the beautiful simplicity of emoji. One day.

Image: Taco Bell/