Someone Made A Stanley Cup Out Of Bacon

It's hard to believe that the highest achievement in the professional sport of hockey could get any more desirable, but that's what happened. How exactly? Well a bar in Montreal just created a version of the Stanley Cup made completely out of bacon so... it certainly doesn't get any better than that.

The kitchen staff at Bar Brutus in Montreal is calling their masterpiece the "Salty Cup," and they made it in honor of their local team, the Montreal Canadiens, making it into the NHL playoffs, as reported by The Score. The Canadiens will be kicking off their playoff run on Wednesday when they play the Ottawa Senators, and this trophy replica will hopefully bring them as much luck as it does excessive sodium. Canada is known for hockey, so this tribute is as beautiful as it is fitting. To take it one step further, it will be seriously impressive if Bar Brutus carves the names of the winning team's players into the bacon once the championship is won.

While it would be extremely satisfying to hoist this Salty Cup up over your head victoriously, it's probably way too greasy to grab hold of, so let's all settle on eating it, one slab at a time.

Upon seeing this gorgeous edible trophy, though, I couldn't help but wonder what other achievements would be as brilliantly satisfying in bacon form. Here are a few ideas.

1. Bacon Tax Return

Instead of a check that comes weeks after Tax Day, a box should show up at your doorstep holding a pile of bacon cash, shaped into rectangles with the faces of presidents in the center. And when you open the box, you inevitably toss the bacon dollars in the air to make it rain, obviously.

2. Baco-lympic Medals

A gold medal would be a ball of bacon, silver would be a slab of ham, and bronze would be a slice of bologna.

3. Bacon Prom Crown

There is no better way to establish your level of popularity than to place a sphere of salty meat upon your noggin in front of your classmates. #Truth

Image: Chris Yarzab/Flickr; Barbrutus/Instagram; Giphy (3)