This Octopus Trained As A Photographer Is Genius

by Kat George

If you have a pet, it's most likely something reasonable, like a dog whom you've trained to sit, roll, stay, and do other typical dog things. Or perhaps you have a cat, who undoubtedly likes to pretend it can't be trained. You might even have a gold fish, which you mostly ignore, because we all know about the 3-second memory thing. But after what you're about to see, you're probably going to want to pack it all in and get an octopus. Sony, teaming up with the Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand to promote their new water resistant camera, trained an octopus how to take photos. And it's honestly quite incredible.

The octopus, named Rambo, took a bunch of photos of school children (from inside her tank, to be clear. It wasn't like she was walking around with the humans; This isn't The Little Mermaid), who were clearly gleeful about having their photo taken by the 8-legged sea dweller. Apparently, it only took three attempts to train Rambo, which is faster than a dog learns. Bet Rover is starting to look pretty stupid now, huh? The next step in octopus photography is to teach the little suckers to take selfies and upload them to Instagram, obviously. It will be interesting to see which filters are favored by the octopi.

Watch Rambo flexing her photo skills below:

Because we've now established that octopi are awesome and smart and likely to rise from the sea and take over the world, here are some more amazingly skilled little guys:

1. This octopus who can open bottles with her tentacles

2. This octopus learning though observation

3. The mimic octopus, which is just basically fucking with everyone, all the time

4. The David Copperfield of the octopus world

Images: Getty Images; YouTube