The Biebs Gets Kicked Out Of Coachella

by Jaclyn Anglis

Bad news for Justin Bieber. Soon after the singer made headlines for trying to clean up his image and being the willing subject of a roast, it looks like he has encountered some major drama at a music festival, and he wasn't even performing. Justin Bieber reportedly was kicked out of Coachella, after allededly being placed in a chokehold by a security guard.

According to The Daily News, Bieber ran into trouble after attempting to enter the area where Drake was performing (yes, the performance where Drake and Madonna shared their infamous kiss). Reportedly, Bieber was not allowed into a certain area since it was at capacity, but he tried to explain to security that he could not stand with the rest with the crowd due to the possibility of getting flooded by fans. When another staff member tried to escort Bieber in, a member of security allegedly put the singer in a chokehold before escorting him out of the music festival. Yikes! Bustle has reached out to Bieber's rep for a comment about the situation, but has not yet heard back.

Seeing as this comes not long after Bieber's apology tour, this could potentially fuel speculation that he has not entirely rehabilitated his image yet. But at the same time, this whole situation might have also been blown out of proportion. After all, it is hard to argue that anyone deserves to be put in a chokehold for simply trying to enter a concert.


According to TMZ, Bieber might take legal action against security for the incident. After all, according to reports, it does not sound like Bieber attempted violence of any sort or threatened the security guards. However, he was reportedly part of the argument. Plus, it sounds like he did go against the festival's rules. So, although the action against him might have been extreme, it is possible that he was not entirely innocent in this situation.

Unfortunately, it seems like the struggle at the Coachella concert is not the only issue Bieber has on his hands right now. The Argentine court has recently ordered an arrest of Bieber if he sets foot in the country, after he reportedly failed to answer questions about an alleged assault at a Buenos Aires club in 2013. Probably not the best move for Bieber, especially if he wants to perform there again!

For his part, though, Bieber does not seem to be stressing too much about either issue, at least according to his latest Instagram post. He just landed in Europe, and it sounds like he's about to hit the stores from his caption. Hopefully, in the meantime, he will figure out some way to clear up these other situations! But as always with Bieber, it's probably best not to hold your breath waiting for an immediate fix.

Image: Getty Images