17 Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses To Perfect The Retro Chic Meets Modern Streetwear Style

For a gal who likes to harken back to fashion trends of yesteryear, sunglasses styles used to present two distinct options: The small yet sassy cat eye shades reminiscent of a '50s style pinup or '80s era rounded, oversized shades that made you look ready to break out the cheesecake with the Golden Girls. But the emerging trend of oversized cat eye sunglasses has combined the two popular styles. No longer forced to choose between matching your shades to your crinoline or to your off-the-shoulder sequin sweater, oversized cat eye sunglasses are the best of both worlds.

I like my sunglasses to age me about 40 years and cover any potential bags under my eyes so I've always opted for the oversized cat eye. Traditional cat eye glasses look too small on my rounded face but this trend opens the door wide to entirely new face-framing potential.

Online vendors that specialize in sunglasses typically break down their offerings by shape, so I've always avoided the cat eye category and headed right to oversized. Now, I check both categories as oversized cat eye sunglasses could fit into either one. Whether ultra-gaudy and dripping in rhinestones or super sleek with metal accents, there are so many different styles of oversized cat eye sunglasses on the market. At price points that vary from "easy to replace" to "belongs in a museum," there's no excuse not to incorporate this trend into your everyday style or at least admire it from afar.

In Bloom

Flower Power Cat Eye, $58, radandrefined.com


Floral Filigree Sunglasses in Gold, $22, pinupgirlclothing.com


Brown Half Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Glasses, $26, us.riverisland.com


Playgirl in Black Glitter, $119, shop.lespecs.com


Fendi Crystal 52mm Tipped Cat Eye Sunglasses, $495, nordstrom.com

Black And White

Granny Sunglasses in Black/White, $179, wildfox.com

Polka Dot

Car Cruise Boogie Sunglasses, $20, modcloth.com


h0les PRR, $120, h0les.bigcartel.com

Metal Top

Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses with Built Up Highbrow, $22, asos.com


Jinx Leopard Sunglasses, $60, heygorgeous.com


Salome, $380, shop.a-morir.com


Montague X Gentle Monster — Widow M01, $750, gentlemonster.com


Meow in White, $30, roseandono.com


Metal Middle

Butterfly Cateye Sunglasses, $30, us.topshop.com


The Shadys in Rainbow, $49, dollskill.com

Pearl Encrusted

Romantic Pearl Rose Cat Eye Glasses, $89, etsy.com/shop/PrettyRockGirl