In Honor Of 'Jackass: Bad Grandpa,' Take Our Quiz: 'Jackass' Stunt or Darwin Award Honoree?

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The latest installment in Johnny Knoxville's Jackass series comes out Friday, but this one is a little different. Called Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, this sequel focuses on — you guessed it — Knoxville's grandpa character, Irving Zisman. I guess after multiple MTV shows and three movies, the Jackass crew was too recognizable to prank the public.

Bad Grandpa promises the ridiculous, disgusting, and, let's be honest, hilarious, gags and pranks that you'd expect from Knoxville, but there's no way it'll be as good as the others. Knoxville can only do so much on his own, let alone in a grandpa getup.

Lucky for us (but not them), the world is full of real life jackasses who do things just as crazy as the professionals — for free! Every year, the Darwin Awards rounds up the dumbest things that people do and awards them for, well, dying so that they don't pass on their stupidity to the next generation. That's a little too morbid for us, so we've found some of Darwin's honorable mentions — i.e. people who do stupid things but live to tell the tale — to compare to their on-screen jackass counterparts. Can you tell which of these stories happened to real Darwin honorees and which were Jackass stunts? Oh, and kids (or adults), remember: Don't try this at home.

(Warning: Some images ahead may be graphic, and not be for the faint of heart. There's a reason Jackass: The Movie was rated R.)

Image: dickhouseworld on Instagram

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