Hillary Clinton Just Destroyed A Child's Dreams

Just call her Hillary "Destroyer Of Dreams" Clinton. The former Secretary of State and newly announced seeker for the presidency in 2016 just absolutely shattered the whole entire world of this little boy who was devastated to hear that Hillary Clinton was running for president because he wanted to run. He thought of it first, Hillary. The only noble thing to do would be to bow out, and let Zeke have his chance. After all, he is around 3 years old, still sucks on a pacifier, and is crying REAL TEARS because of your callousness—clearly, he's ready for leadership. Jokes aside, Zeke is pretty cute. While most kids are crying because they have to eat brussel sprouts or because their mum wont buy them candy at the supermarket, Zeke's got some real concerns and serious aspirations. Once he grows up and learns how to manage his emotions, he'll be ready to enter the political arena for sure.

Zeke doesn't know what qualifies him to run for president, but he does know that if he won, he'd "play with toys" which I'm sure is something every presidential hopeful is secretly thinking. I can only think one thing while watching this: I hope, in fifty years, president Zeke is sworn in. And we'll all have this amazing memory of him first announcing his candidacy in a viral video, mid-tantrum over then ex-president Hillary Clinton's bid for government.

Here's the video Zeke's mom uploaded to Facebook:

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