Girl Groups From The '90s You Forgot About

The '90s were the best time for music. I stand defiantly by that statement, so come at me if you disagree. It was the golden age of pop, and hip hop and modern R&B came into their own. And most importantly, it was the era of the girl band. The Spice Girls. Destiny's Child. TLC. Salt-N-Pepa. Of course, you remember the big guns, but what about all those forgotten '90s girl bands you once loved but let slip out of memory around the same time you stopped using CDs? They're of no less value, and equally as important in contributing to the girl band movement of the mid to late '90s as their higher selling counterparts, and yet, have largely (and unfairly) been forgotten by history. NO MORE. It's time to give these ladies their due.

The following list is the kind you sit around at a bar and recall with your friends. You know the conversation: "Oh my God, but do you remember so-and-so?" "Yes! I learned the whole choreographed dance from their music video in eighth grade!" And so it goes, with you remembering some of the more obscure, but no less important, moments that music and girl band culture shaped you. Hopefully the following list will nudge your memories in the same way, and you'll be gasping and cooing and texting your friends to remind them that some of the greatest girl bands of all time need not be unjustly forgotten.

1. All Saints

The Appleton sisters were female equivalent of the Gallagher brothers (which was weird considering Nicole was married to Liam for six years). While "Never Ever" (1997) is by far their best song, 2000's "Pure Shores", which was on the soundtrack for The Beach, will always be in our hearts.

2. En Vogue

Don't let go, never let go, of En Vogue. Now do you remember how "Don't Let Go" was your anthem in 1996? (If you're me, it's still your anthem today.)

3. 702

702 snuck into the 1990s by a hair with "Were My Girls At" (1999) but they were still one of those bands you wore white pants and dance around to when you were fifteen.

4. Allure

Let's be real here, Allure's cover of "All Cried Out" (1997), is the reason we love this song. Also, the girls' cover has 112 on it, so...

5. Blaque

Blaque were TLC reloaded, which makes sense considering Left Eye signed them to her label, Left Eye Productions. "Bring It All To Me" had the best matching futuristic outfits of 1999, probably even better than anything Tina put Destiny's Child in.

6. B*Witched

Even if you can't name anything else B*Witched sang, I bet you know every single word to "C'est La Vie" (1998) perfectly.

7. Atomic Kitten

Most of Atomic Kitten's best known songs were covers, "Eternal Flame", "Whole Again", "The Tide Is High" and "Locomotion", and even though they were charting in the UK in 1999, it wasn't until 2000 they became a worldwide it. I'm still including them because I classify the '90s as officially being over at the end of 2003. Also Atomic Kitten bought us Kerry Katona, which is nothing to shake a stick at.

8. Sugababes

Like Atomic Kitten, Sugababes didn't hit it big until 2000. Unlike Atomic Kitten, they were much less The Only Way Is Essex.

9. Girlfriend

This is one for my fellow Australia girls. The first concert I ever went to was a Girlfriend show when I was a kid. I wanted to be Melanie so bad. I was also convinced the Spice Girl's copied the design of Girlfriend's CD insert.