Toddler Crying For Mufasa Is All Of Us In The '90s

Thanks for nothing, Disney. Every time we think that we're past the emotional scars of our childhood, something like this happens, and by this I mean the video of this adorable little girl crying as she watches Mufasa die in The Lion King for the very first time. Her name is Viktoria, and she might as well have just stuck her precious self into a time machine circa 1994 and bawled in the theater with the rest of us now emotionally-hardened adults. Her dad happened to be watching the classic movie with her and rolled out the camera when he saw her tearing up (because if there is one thing I have learned from millennial parenting, it's that videotaping your child's tears is a gold mine for internet success).

Can we just take a second to rehash exactly how emotionally devastating The Lion King was? Millennials in general get a bad rap for having this wide-eyed, dreamy look at the world that has given us supposed unrealistic expectations, but people who say that about us forget that we all watched Mufasa get straight up murdered in a wildebeest stampede. Hakuna matata my ass. I haven't been able to attend a Black Friday sale in my entire adult life, and I blame it entirely on Disney giving me unrealistic expectations about crowd control.

Here are a few of the faces you might recognize from your own youth, otherwise known as The Emotional Stages Of Realizing Oh My God They Really Just Killed Simba's Dad And Nothing Will Ever Be OK Again:

Stage One: Disbelief

No. NO. He's only asleep.

Stage Two: Anger


Stage Three: Bargaining

Can't Disney just kill Hans in his place?

Stage Four: Depression

BRB, just staring at the scraps of my innocence Disney shredded.

Stage Five: Acceptance

This is when Viktoria's dad tells her to come get a hug, and feels are felt all around the world. Here's the full video of her emotional trauma, because I'd like to think that someday Viktoria will come full circle when she is older, watching a little girl in 2035 cry over the same damn thing:

Images: Disney (1); keith.harrisii/Facebook (6)