Man Finds Dozens Of Birds Chilling In His Home

Paying the rent these days is #roughsauce, so it's totally understandable when you have to cram a ton of roommates into a small space to get by. Just make sure you're using discretion so you don't end up like this guy who found dozens of birds living in his house. It's not clear exactly how long James Aker was away from his home, but apparently it was just long enough for these birds to fly in through his chimney and declare squatting rights (flying rights?) in his living room. And because he and the girl who was with him apparently have nerves of iron, instead of running away, they whipped out a camera and got the whole bizarre happening on film.

Look, guys, I don't watch a lot of horror movies. Mostly because I am a wimp, and partially because horror movies distract me from the only important part of movie-watching, which is snacks. But even with my lack of experience, I do know enough about horror movies to know that if you come home one day and see demon spawn zig-zagging around your ceiling, you get the hell out of that house, AS FAST AS YOUR LEGS CAN CARRY YOU. It’s probably on a Nexus or sitting on top of a secret graveyard with an angry poltergeist or something. I'M JUST SAYING.

That, or they are both secretly Disney princesses and this is nature's way of returning their affection. You decide for yourself what this looks like. I'm too busy trying not to cry about it:

Here's the full video of their SURPRISE homecoming gift:

This is far from the first time animals have had some extreme boundary issues with our places of residence. Here are a few other animals who need to learn about PERSONAL SPACE:

This deer who broke into a house

Typical Bambi.

The 56 deadly cobras inside this house

THAT is probably the most unsettling thing I've ever typed, right there.


I need somebody to hold me.

This black bear rummaging through the garbage

But, you know. Not before effing everybody's stuff up first.

This runaway squirrel

Or "Mr. Squirrel," as he was dubbed by the end of this.

The 6,000 brown recluse spiders in this house

You do NOT mess around with these spiders. Their bites will mangle your flesh and/or kill you. I have seen them up close and personal, and when it happened, I literally got into my car BAREFOOT and drove away in my pajamas. #BYEFELICIA.

This entire bee hive in someone's kitchen ceiling

Move. Out. Forever.

The wasp's nest in this building


Todd the Fox, who tried to sneak inside

He's a fox. Named Todd. Literally too cute to handle. He shouldn't be on the list, really, because I love him and I want to make him mine. I just think we all deserved some good cheer after the last few videos scarred us for life.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube (3)