11 Things You Only Let Your BFF Do

What things will you only let your BFF do? For most of us, it involves a list of things we'd kill our best friends for ever mentioning to anyone else. Well, Buzzfeed has revealed all in a video about things only your best friend is allowed to do. This isn't for the faint-hearted friendships. It's for the crème de la crème of best friends. For the ones that have passed the introductory stages of friendship and have moved on to the we-own-matching-clothes-accidentally stage of best friendship. Whether you have a best friend you've been with since preschool, or a best friend everyone thinks you're dating, this video explains the intricacies of your relationship.

Once you hit a certain age, you end up with an unmanageable number of friend groups: You've got your high school friends, your college friends you met Freshman year, your other college friends you met through your major, your post-grad friends, your significant other's friends (if applicable), and so on. But if you're lucky enough to have a very best friend, you know that it's entirely normal to do things like pee in front of them and just not care. You're never embarrassed when you call to hash out a weird flirtation you had with someone 3 weeks ago. You are beyond embarrassment and shame, because your friendship runs too deep.

Here are 11 things you can really only let your BFF do:

1. Share clothes

You don't ask permission. You wake up, put on their shirt and then later in the day send them a pic saying, "Accidentally put on your shirt this morning LOVE YOU TO THE MOON."

2. Be brutally honest

Friends don't let friends look like an idiot. Ever.

3. Talk endlessly about their crush

They will listen to the insane details even though you've already told them the story 4 times today.

4. Share drinks

You guys don't even bother to pour yourself two separate drinks. You just make one big one and share. Why wash more dishes?

5. Wake you up

They are the only person you won't involuntarily punch in the morning.

6. Pee in front of you

It gets even more real when you're wearing a prom dress and/or crazy leotard and they have to help you pee.

7. Sit there when you cry

And not say anything. Just be there for you.

8. Real talk

They will always be straight with you. A good friend will be supportive, but your best friend will tell you when you're being crazy, irrational or not treating yourself with enough respect.

9. Share gum

This is where I draw the line, but if you and your bestie are fine with it, power to ya.

10. Be friends with their parents

You have their phone numbers, you're friends on Facebook and you even tried to convince your best friend's dad to get an Instagram once.

11. PDA

You won't make out with your S.O. in public, but you have no problems jumping on top of your best friend.

Here's the full video below:

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