Should You Let Your Cat Sleep On Your Bed?

Most of us love our pets so much that it only seems natural to let them snooze with us, too. But should you really let your cat sleep on the bed with you? UK bedding company Terry's Fabrics has created an infographic in order to help you figure it out… and you guys? Most of us are doing it wrong. Just sayin'.

According to Terry's Fabrics' data, up to 62 percent of cat owners let their cats sleep on their beds with them… but there's just one problem: Cats are nocturnal, while humans are not. You can see how this might end up being problematic, no? But because so many of us consider our pets our family — after all, we're kind of hardwired to prefer pets to people — most of us don't really think kicking our beloved furry friends out of the bed is an option.

And that, my friends, is where the infographic really shines: It illustrates all of the reasons you are perfectly justified in giving your cat the boot from the bedroom, no matter how much you love them. Every cat owner has experienced each of these annoying cat habits at least once; indeed, many of them are probably regular occurrences for most cat owners. But as annoying as they are, it is possible to mitigate their effects while still being able to cuddle your kitty. Here are a few of my own solutions to some of the problems presented; scroll down to see the full infographic with the complete list:

1. The Midnight Stare

What It Is: Have you ever felt kind of like there's someone staring at you? Well, you're right. It's your cat.

The Solution: Just get used to it. The good news is that, unless they're shoving their faces right up in yours while they're doing it (which, admittedly, mine do sometimes), it's mostly harmless. It's weird, but cats are weird, so a weird, staring cat is really just par for the course.

2. The Endless Meow

What It Is: Exactly what it sounds like. They just sit there and make the same noise, over and over and over again, for hours on end. Annoying? Yes. Disruptive? Yes. Preventable? Actually, yes. Here's how.

The Solution: My boyfriend's and my cats make the most noise when they're hungry, so we developed a simple solution to stop them from screaming at us in the wee hours of the morning to feed them: We give them the majority of their food at night instead of in the morning. Now they start screaming at me to feed them at about 4:30 in the afternoon, which, while still annoying, does not prevent either of us from getting the sleep we need.

3. Shredded Feet

What It Is: If your feet are sticking out from under the blanket, your cat will tackle them. It's painful.

The Solution: Don't stick your feet out from under the blanket. I know that leaving a foot loose can be a useful tool for cooling your body temperature in the summer, though, so if you must do it, leave it covered by a light sheet. You'll still get the airflow you need, but with a little armor to protect against sharp little kitty claws.

Check out the full infographic here:

Images: Giphy (3); Terry's Fabrics