Why Is Lori Still Trying On 'Finding Carter?'

by Christine DiStasio

There isn't a prison strong enough to contain Lori's determination and delusions, apparently. After two weeks of intense Lori drama, it seemed like the Wilsons might finally get a break with Lori going to jail at the end of last week's Finding Carter. Well, think again — this Tuesday on "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Lori called Carter and Taylor on Finding Carter , so what the hell does she want this time? Lori's done so much damage already in Season 2 that I'm not entirely sure what more she could possibly do. Right? The Wilsons should only be so lucky.

Thankfully, David and Elizabeth asked the exact same question I did when Lori first called Carter the beginning of Tuesday's episode — HOW DID LORI GET CARTER AND TAYLOR'S NUMBERS? And, more importantly, why didn't Elizabeth and David jump on changing their daughters' cellphone numbers as soon as Lori was behind bars? I mean, that seems like the rational thing for parents in this particular situation to do. Unless you're David and Elizabeth, apparently, because your marital issues are so much more important than keeping your kids safe from this raging lunatic. The only thing worse than not being over-cautious in this situation is being careless because you slept with your daughter's kidnapper. Sorry, David, it had to be said.

But, while it's important that we figure out how Lori has access to this information in prison, it's even more important to try to figure out what she might want from Carter and Taylor. I'm sure it's something along the lines of asking for forgiveness and a chance to explain to Carter and Taylor that she's not crazy, she just loves them. But, this is Lori we're talking about here — so she's definitely up to something far more sinister than just trying to get these girls to love her.

Lori's obviously got something up her sleeve for these two — she knows that things are crumbling between Elizabeth and David and that both girls are vulnerable. Could she manipulate Carter again? And can she convince Taylor, after everything that's happened, to trust her? I'd hope not, but considering the preview for next Tuesday's episode showed Carter visiting Lori in prison and accidentally calling her "mom," I don't think we should hold our breath. Lori's never going to let this go and she's going to keep coming after Carter and Taylor until she convinces them that their best life is with her.

Images: MTV; findingcarter/Tumblr