6 of the Best Friendship Quotes from Funny Women

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You probably have at least one friend that you tell everyone about. You wear her sweater and feel more whole, you talk about how awesome she is at yoga and making nachos, and soon you're gushing to strangers about that time you ate pizza together in a public bathroom in a foreign city at 1 a.m. She has your mom's cell phone number and they casually text.

For many of us, these friendships aren't optional — they're essential for survival. They may be more intimate and valuable than our romantic relationships. The recently released Book of Jezebel proclaimed, "...it's friendship — particularly friendship between women — that's the lasting, reliable, lifelong relationship we should all be investing in." At the Cut, Ann Friedman also recently acknowledged the importance of female friendships, advising readers to woo friends as intently as we do dates. "Because just like romantic relationships, so many friendships begin with one person pursuing the other. And I’m here to tell you it’s not desperate or weird. It’s smart."

In celebration of female friendship, here are quotes on female friendship from some of funny women we wish were our friends.

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