Australian Fashion Week Crasher Hates Techno Music

If you've ever lived in an apartment or duplex, or hell, even a regular old neighborhood house, you've probably had that one noisy neighbor you hate. Well, this week, an Australian Fashion Week crasher did the thing you've always wanted to do and stormed into the offender's home— or in this instance, cat walk— and lodged a noise complaint. I have to say, I've got mad respect for this dude even if his approach was a bit...intense.

Basically, this shockingly strange news seems like it's straight out of some Zoolander/Neighbors hybrid film. It's 7:45pm, and you've had enough of that techno music blaring from the industrial arts center in the neighborhood. Sure, there's some fancy schmancy fashion show going on, but you've got an early day in the morning, so fashion be damned. The crasher, 67-year-old Maurice Thibaux, stormed onto the cat walk at the Ellery Spring/Summer 2016 show, and presumably, he had no cares in the world about stepping onto the cat walk.

While 7:45 in the evening seems a bit early to be sweating the noise, I've got to say that I totally understand this dude. Living on a college campus for four years, however, really puts things into perspective. He should get back to me when there's a frat party 150 feet from your dorm or when some god-awful neighbor unapologetically takes the handicap spot from an amputee. Basically, give it until 10:00pm next time, concerned citizen.

In other news though, you should definitely check out the gorgeous Ellery designs.