Polyvore Launches New App Called "Remix"

The MAVEN space probe is orbiting Mars and studying the Martian atmosphere, yet we don't have the technology Cher Horowitz had in her closet available to us. That is, until now: Polyvore is launching a new app called "Remix," which allows users to style an entire outfit.

The app, which is available for the iPhone, would allow users to pick a particular piece (like a skirt ) and then would suggest a top, jacket, and accessories to go with it. You can then continue swiping until you've found an outfit you like.

While a Polyvore app already exists, this new one will differ in that it focuses on users that specifically need style advice. The original Polyvore app allows people to create their own outfit collages. Remix will also show you what's trending daily, as well as give you advice for what to wear to particular events, like a black tie wedding, and how to style a particular piece.

It's the next best thing to having someone else with you to be your style guru. Sometimes, you can love a particular statement piece, but don't know exactly what type of silhouette it goes best with. And throw shoes and accessories into the mix? It can be an overwhelming disaster. Luckily, an app like this, where you can actually see what the outfits will look like and also get styling suggestions, is here to help. Finally!

Remix will be available through invites only, since the company will be using this period to test it out and receive feedback, according to WWD. But, you can download the app and request a code from the App Store. I know I definitely will.

Images: iTunes store (3), @polyvore/Instagram