Nicolas Ghesquière Bumps Up Louis Vuitton's Sales

Not gonna lie: back when Marc Jacobs stepped down from his position at Louis Vuitton last year, I wasn’t part of the disappointment bandwagon. It wasn't that I was sad to see him go, it was just that I was looking forward to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s interpretation of the brand. And now there's proof that they made the right decision— according to their latest earnings report, LVMH’s sales are up under Nicolas Ghesquiere's creative direction.

Despite most fashion critics’ disappointment over Jacobs’ leave, it looks like it all ended up working out great. Jacobs was able to devote more time to his own line and started to integrate his Marc by Marc Jacobs line into his main line. As for Louis Vuitton, their current earnings report shows that Ghesquière has been upping the brand’s fashion and leather goods sales by 12.7%. I’m not surprised, because with his type of can-do attitude, nothing can get in the way of his inspiration once it gets going. Remember when he stood up to Anna Wintour?

Now this may sound horrible to some, but I’m seriously keeping my fingers crossed for Ghesquière to leave LVMH to start his own amazing line. I mean, think about it. He designed that super popular moto bag for Balenciaga and heavily contributed to the Louis Vuitton bags as well. Can you imagine all the beautiful must-have handbags he’d design for his own line? It looks like I'm going to have to stick to daydreaming about that for now because there's no way Louis Vuitton is letting him leave anytime soon.


Image: Getty